The despair Of The British nation.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

A Break From The Mayhem!

Mrs OR's Purple Garden Period.

The eagle eyed may note large changes in the garden. The last frame is a big clue! The flower circle is Mrs OR's long wanted "moon gate". It creates a break and room feel to the walk along the terrace garden.south side. The holly thug has been tamed and now hosts a climbing rose which will be high with profligate blooms by June end. We hope!

The taming of the holly has also allowed "Beaky's garden", (named after the part hidden, small iron bird in the copper beech),  to become more of a feature to linger in than when dominated by a less than lovely holly tree.

Sure makes more sense than anything emanating from Brussels and our idiots in the Brussels-on- the- Thames enclave of traitors and quislings to our heritage.


Ann said...

Absolutely stunning. So envious of your garden, mine's postage size by comparison. I take my hat off to Mrs OR's commitment, she must spend hours in it to get it that nice and I love the design too. Really enjoyed looking at the pics thank you. Glad doggy was also included :-)

Oldrightie said...

Ann, you are most kind. Mrs OR calls the garden her therapy room and I know just what she means.

Caratacus said...

"this is the garden: colours come and go,
frail azures fluttering from night's outer wing
strong silent greens serenely lingering,
absolute lights like baths of golden snow."

This was written by e.e. cummings, one of my favourite poets. For some reason I was reminded of it when looking at Lady OR's splendid garden! Hope the digging wasn't too arduous :-)

Oldrightie said...

Caratacus, beautiful words. She is much pleased to share. As for the digging, more pleasurable than spraying the drive! Thank you.

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi OR! What a lovely video. I agree with Ann, this is just beautiful, mine is a tiny speck compared. I wish I had the room and a nice area and climate. That flower gate circle is very unique and gorgeous. I am lst planting some flowers in the planters on my little deck yesterday! Very behind this year. Well, some perennials came up, and I'm getting so tired of all the work in the hot sun!
Enjoy your weekend, I'm sure every day is a vacation in such a lovely setting.

Oldrightie said...

Dear AB, every speck of life appreciated is a gift. Thank you for keeping us going. Isn't Jesse Dobie great?!