Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Beware A Woman Scorned.

Especially With Mogul Mentors!

Rupe's  revenge served with style, I'd say. This blog has always been about the unpleasant aspects of career politics and it's practioners. That they have always assiduously courted the media to further their own ambitions is now being aired publicly.

It's not a pretty sight, is it? Unlike the strong and successful Rebekah. That she is being dragged needlessly through the courts will continue to provide a powerful spotlight on a culture as sickening in our Governing circles as any media splash or story seeking.

I think popcorn supplies will be getting scarce ere long! 


  1. She was editor of The Sun when thousands of stories were written that caused much pain and misery to innocent folk. Any errors were acknowledged on p27 in a small paragraph. Too late to ease the pain of her victims and too small for folk to notice. The damage already done. Payments to police officers and holding court while our vain politicians sought her approval and sent LOL texts to her were all commonplace.
    Her 'strong and successful' leadership got her the NOTW job where the vileness took on epic proportions. Too disgusting to report in your blog OR but well documented in inquiries and articles in other papers and all over the media ( I fear you missed them ).
    And she now sits at Levenson's whitewash like a blushing bride. Her blushes hidden behind her long flowing hair and her mouth unable to melt butter. Such is her innocence.

    1. George, she'a not a woman I would care for one jot. Behind my post, however, is the thought that, seemingly, we not only get the politicians we deserve but also the media and their other
      "friends" from the Mafia and corporate worlds.