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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

America The Brave?

We'll See!

Most sheeple barely know their own Lords and masters in Europe. With the Americans there is much more interest and fervour. Sadly they, too, are falling for the hype and power of big money, soft option, cajoling.

Obama and his cohorts are masters of this. Take a black, relatively clever and certainly cunning bloke and polish, without thinking of the old adage, one can't polish one of those! So who and what is Mitt? The good old, utterly impartial, despite their blind adoration of Obummer, BBC refer to Romney constantly as a Mormon. A less than subtle dig at sublimation and expected to impart to us little people,e that's all he is.

Naturally, since Mitt is a Republican, he has to be bad. The good old, wonderful lefty shite, never, ever, mention that Obummer, just, as The Boy Dave has, toed the line once in Office. The corporate, bankster and gangster string pullers say, "Hey, we put you there just soak up the goodies and be grateful". 

Now if the American people decide not to fall for the Obummer sleights of hand this time round, "Jus' cos he's black" syndrome, whatever Mitt turned out to be, he wouldn't be as awful as this guy and his grasping, luxury mad, Mrs. 

However, since my predictions are usually wrong, Ireland voting no, for one, I predict Obummer to stroll back in and nuke Iran. Still, if that's what the lobbyists and money men want, it would be a brave American to suggest Mitt wouldn't do the same.

Me, I'd vote for a Chinese origin President.

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