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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Why Do They Never Discuss?

Issues Of Great Importance To Us All?

"There can no longer be any question of a private sphere, free of state influence, which is sacred and untouchable before the political unity. The constitution of the nationalistic Reich is therefore not based upon a system of inborn and inalienable rights of the individual.”

Ernst Rudolf Huber, official spokesman for Hitler's National Socialist German Workers’ (NAZI) Party, 1939 

I have Banana to thank for the quote above. That blog is referring to The USA but how easily it translates to The EU project. "The constitution of the supra-nationalistic EU is therefore not based upon a system of inborn and inalienable rights of the individual.” 

This past few days have seen many bloggers highlight how readily our UK based arm of The EU pretend, over and over again, that legislation, green papers, statute implementation and so forth are home grown Government initiatives for the good of the British people. Health and Safety is but one area of interference and loss of common sense and freedom.

Look here and weep at the manner in which the would be rulers implement their masters' wishes. As GV points out, murderers, child abusers, gang members and drug dealers are treated with far less heavy handedness. In this respect, as with robbery and fraud against the banking system, draconian measures are employed against that which threatens the State. 

The drug cartels and their street gang armies are given a degree of permission to operate as long as their victims and associates stay at gutter and ghetto Tower Hamlets level. There the work carried out keeps the disadvantaged under control whilst the main players work their nasty agenda on those they fear most. The reasonably well educated and savvy middle classes.

Whilst all this is going on the savage decline of freedom and the draconian steps taking place to stifle dissent, continue. Thus when debate on the horror of it all is desperately needed our lot such as The Boy are busy flogging weapons of war to all and sundry to not help us all in the UK but to further The EU revenue stream. That in turn is then used to promote the propaganda and thought police ambitions.

For a nightmare scenario you only have to look closely at that case. So called elected representatives stifling criticism and blithely refusing to engage in any discussion where their competence is questioned and examined. Even here in leafy Herefordshire the heavy hand of a corrupt political system rules without thought for anything but selfish greed and avarice. 

A place, like so many, where elected officials casually create highly lucrative sinecures, step down from office and walk into six figure, council tax funded, jobs. This CIA like company for a start. The Chair of that Company isn't deserving of the language used by Ollie! What do they do? Well I don't know except that they pay themselves huge salaries. The stench will one day affect everybody.


  1. Lets not also forget that local councils are included in the group of Jobsworths Cameron wants to be able to read peoples private emails. The problem is 20% of people know and care whats going on the other 80% only worry about X Factor and all that other rubbish.