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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Subterfuge But Useful?

Shale Gas.

On the face of it a decision that can benefit us all has gone in the right direction. However when we consider the poker games our bureaucrats and their bouncers in Government and Brussels play, will this be the case? Will our UK interests supersede those of everybody else or will we just pour it all away on frivolous posturing and lousy card hands? Iraq and Afghanistan but two of many such poor plays.

To have reached this positive decision I'm sure big players have been round the table. particularly when such unimaginable sums are at stake. There is also history of course. The Conservative Government in the 1980s were forced to use oil revenues just to fill the yawning gaps, left by Labour, in Government finances.

If this potential shale gas bonanza were to be realised and used to reduce UK debt and improve UK infrastructures, how good would that be? Better schools, hospitals, roads and a society no longer mortgaged for centuries. 

Yet the most likely scenario will be massive donations to bail out The EUSSR disaster. Swell IMF coffers to be secretly diverted to the same cause. Indeed, I doubt we schmucks, in our own lands, will have much say in how our wealth is filched and squandered. If history is anything to go by its already been allocated all over the world bar the source of its production.

Good old Blighty. Sell to the lowest bidder and the biggest corruption. Bet Yer!


  1. Did you see yesterday that *u** [if I use a rude word I might get 6 months] employment minister Cris Crayling saying all our youngsters are useless thats the reason immigrants are getting all the jobs. Now I know there are some tossers out there but dont paint everyone with the same brush. Could you see a minister from Singapore or Malaysia make a statement like this about their young people.
    Lets look at Craying went from university to the BBC then into Parliament no immigrant was ever after his job.
    They have opened the door to immigrants so they can get their votes and will work cheap for their rich friends.

    1. Hi, GS, words of the deluded elite, I'm afraid I have to agree.

  2. It hasn't taken long for the shale gas bonanza in the US to ruffle a few feathers. It seems Obamalama ding dong has decided to regulate the industry to keep prices UP...

    1. Our lot have smacked their lips and salivated at all this bonanza with which they can squander on gerrymandering and IMF gratuities, Micro.