Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

An Old Pal.

How I Spent This Afternoon.

A dear friend from years gone by invited me out for the day. This little beauty is equipped with flight panels that shamed my old Airbus flight deck! A truly wonderful outing. The flying was magical, in bright, cloudless sunshine. Even better was the thoughtful generosity of my old pal. A glorious and memorable few hours. I just had to share it!

Back to the Cameron ghastliness in the morning!  


  1. It's the little kindnesses which make life worth living OR. Sounds a wonderful day.

  2. I am happy that you had a great time with a friend and in flight!

    I know little of the terminology of flying but with that said I do know I love it. God may not have given us simple(?) humans wings but He did give us brains to figure it out for ourselves and am so pleased you and your friend utilized that knowledge!

  3. It certainly looked a good day for it. I presume that's one of the latest versions with a Garmin "glass" cockpit? And just think - YOU were actually flying the plane, not a bunch of computers!

    Given the chance, which one of these would you rather be in?

  4. Subrosa, how true, I was certainly blessed on that score alone. CCP, thank you for the kindness of posting a comment!

    Microdave, what a question! I loved the Airbus and the B737-400 but someone once said to me your favourite machine is the last one you flew, so that's a sort of answer.