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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Of Mice And Men.

The Western Political Wasteland.

Disaffected MPs and their frustrated  colleagues are becoming more and more common. We are in a wasteland such as depicted above. Barren of ideas, will and vision. The corporate and banking failures and their political servants, have failed us all dismally. We have all been trampled in the stampede for a place at the top table of an all powerful New World Order, underpinned by the ghastly philosophy of  the common purpose ogre. The latter being the training camps used to further the dominance of the bureaucratic mind set.

If we look long and hard at post second world war history the real aim of The UN establishment and the hand wringing, crocodile tear jerking was little more than theatre. The reality was to create global organisations to bend to the will of the corporate and wealthy obsession for a commercial, empirical enslavement of the masses.

However the intellectual capability to achieve the goals set by Common Purpose had little idea as to the consequences and financial dangers of their thinking. Subsequently individual members of the banking corporations and those of little conscience went for personal greed and wealth regardless of how it was obtained. This quickly morphed into the ponzi climate that culminated in the collapse of 2007.

To recover from 2007 the common purpose had to be to get back onto the horses that had thrown them. In this they turned to the drug barons and criminal cartels to give them a leg up. What they promised in return we may never know. What we can know for sure is that we were and remain sold down the river.

This brings me back to the beginning of this post. The remarks by Nadine ring very true. The comfortable bubble of The Boy and his best pal, Georgie, remains far to pleasant to really break out from. The belief that he was born to be PM is alarming for its lack of awareness as to fitness for office. Their delusion that somehow they are in power when everything is locked down by our EU Civil Service quislings is blatantly obvious to all but they.

Not that this disparity between the political and the lay existence is peculiar to The Cobbleition. It permeates throughout Government and Western social structure. The Netherlands are in turmoil as people see the nakedness and incompetence writ large. The French have put down a marker for right wing ideology and Nationalist preference for pride and reality. Despite puppet placement EU despots in Greece and Italy, the people are not best pleased. Spain is imploding as I write. Portugal and Ireland, without dramatic change, will never see prosperity in my lifetime,  if not for many decades. Maybe never again.

What's to be done? Well common purpose needs destroying for the sham and elitism it creates. The EU needs to be broken up. The many billions saved, debts written off and smaller trading and in house commercial activity, looking after smaller, national interests must come about.

Big is not beautiful. It is unwieldy, slow to react and too busy looking over its shoulder for a bigger guy creeping up behind. I'm not advocating protectionism per se but smaller, more accountable and altruistic governance. Political cartels broken up and replaced by genuine, successful individuals offering decades of experience and understanding. People who know not only the price of everything but its intrinsic value to everybody. At least those deserving through effort and common sense.

It's well past time those in our three main parties and political closed shop who are genuine and decent quit. Even quit for now to allow the old and failed gate guardians to be replaced. We need something to conserve what is best and change what is poor. One thing is for sure, it's not socialism and it's not of the left wing ideology. One as quick and as adept at selling out as any other.

In the UK there is presently only one political Party capable of shaking up the system. You know which one and it's time the likes of Nadine woke up to where their spiritual political allegiance lies. It's not The Boy's wishy washy and indeterminate liberal socialism either.

Furthermore the time when once loyalty and a desire to influence from within a political tent has long gone. All that is on offer from staying put is a golden shower from the earlier incumbents now outside. I know that personally! So does Nadine.


  1. OR you hit the nail fair and square on it's corroded head with your post.

    1. Bill, I try to please! many thanks for the support.

  2. "In the UK there is presently only one political Party capable of shaking up the system.."

    Have you been reading my manifesto, OR?

    1) Withdrawal from the EU.
    2) Immediate review of all payments via "Aid" to foreign countries.
    3) Message to all immigrants -"You are more than welcome here, but - you will support yourselves, and it's our way or the highway. Jordan is very nice at this time of year, mind the door doesn't hit your arse on the way out.
    4) Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and Lady Mandelbum to be arraigned for high treason, given a fair trial and hung.
    5) All senior civil servants to be transferred to money purchase pension schemes limited to a maximum return of £30,000 p.a.
    6) Lard Prescott to be put in the stocks every weekend until further notice. Tomatoes will be issued F.O.C. In tins (can't afford fresh 'uns).
    7) Pensioners to be given an immediate increase to 30% of M.P.'s salary.
    8) Grammar schools to be re-introduced in every county.
    9) Referendums on Scottish and Welsh total independence to be announced. Results to be binding. After that equality for ALL British citizens - none of this 'free education, prescriptions, care for the elderly bollocks' we have at the moment.
    10) Enoch Powell to be cloned and installed as P.M. ASAP.

    I'm sure that others will have far better ideas than mine :-)

    1. Reading it Caratacus? We wrote together in our cots! So did our ancestors, whose graves the present hierarchy relish in despoiling.

  3. Another great post Oldrightie.
    The truth is they are all bribed to pass all these NWO laws. If you look back say 30 years ago you never heard of MPs claiming for mortgages Kit-Kats Loo rolls Plasma TV ect, Suddenly this was going on and not only MPs today but Police chiefs Fire chiefs Civil Servants they are all on this gravy train. Look also what happens when they might get kicked out of office they then join the US backed lecture circuit Major, Blair, Brown they are all in it getting £40k for a 30 min speech. All EU NWO states are the same Ahern the former Irish PM has just returned for a lecture circuit give a speech in of all places Nigeria he got £35k for that.
    These politicians are all bought and paid for.

    1. GS, we all have to spread the word about this endemic corruption and work to dismantle it. Revolution will come, one way or another. Sadly I fear peaceful methods are now no longer possible.