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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Not Just The Ageing Fast Boy.

They All Need Dumping.

This is a given. Many of us knew this might well be the case from day one. After all he failed to win a substantial majority against, at the time, the worst ever incumbent of Number 10. Now why Clegg is in this picture purportedly of present and past Prime Ministers escapes me. However it does serve to remind me of his credentials for the hubristic hall of fame.

Now though The Boy heads the popularity contest from the wrong direction or if you prefer, the "red lamp" carrier, we really need to see a move towards realising that they, to a man and woman, need sorting and sacking. Not just they, of course but the whole panoply of utter rubbish in power.

The new World Order is cracking. EU citizens are burning themselves to death in despair and hopelessness. Nothing is ever going to change unless the people of this planet bloody do something differently. 

Vote for anybody but these false, faux grieving senders of our young to die in wars of their stupidity. We don't need any of them. We most certainly don't need their bloody conflicts and economic carnage. Both so intertwined in ghastliness for us all. These, in that picture, are the front men. Their demeanour is, however, a mirror image of the nastiness behind them. Fair warning.


  1. They cannot rule because they cannot understand. They cannot understand because they listen only to people who do not want them to rule.

  2. Or people who want them to appear to rule whilst they pull the strings?

  3. Great post as always. Have you notice how these criminals like to wrap themselves in the Union flag when they think it will look good. I wonder what the glorious dead would think of the world today where these lowlife scum have handed over the country to the EU which is dominated by the Germans.
    The same is going on with the Falklands sending warships while a few months back they were 'handing over ' the navy to the French.

  4. GS, Many thanks for the generous remarks. I'm surprised the warships aren't supplied with exocets!