Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Not Blues!

Just A Malaise Sort Of Day.

After several weeks of various bits of hard landscaping, I left, yesterday, Mrs OR, to press on with her magical gardening talents and took the Dobie for a trek. Many people know well the delights of our local area which attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. Like many UK areas it is a joy to live in such surroundings.

It also has that issue with laissez faire known and found in seaside resorts the world over. Since the locals know they can do the "outing" thing on their doorstep it's often not done at all! I think it fair to say we do not follow this pattern. Yesterday, for me and the dog, was such a day.

After a rewardingly packed church Easter Service, pint in the local and a light lunch, we, Mrs OR, Dobie and me went our separate ways. Dog and me decided, well, of course, I did.  Dobie didn't take any persuading to hop in the back of the car and off we set to the local forest.

Now muggins here did his usual trick of thinking he's still 20 years old. Up and up we climbed to the top of "Climbing Jack". The Dobie sniffing smells of unimaginable variance, from rabbit to deer, badger to fox and a plethora of canine traces. It was cold in a strong, North westerly but dry and exhilarating.

 Dobie, having declined a biscuit at the start of the trek, nuzzled manically at my pocket for the remainder. I chewed an apple and paused to look around one of The UK's most glorious 360 degree panoramas. Such beautiful solace from this mad, mad world.

We set off back down the slopes. Only a solitary but still grating wind turbine spoilt the moment. However, as the track became more and more uneven and the tree felling, truck churned descent got more and more difficult, I began to tire. Dobie was still very game but into the second hour we both were less enthusiastic than earlier.

I had totally forgotten the exhilaration at the summit and now began to remember that the road chosen was, though mainly descending, a long hour back to the car. The now forgotten pleasure of the lunch time pint was giving way to painful stomach cramps. The road back was becoming interminable. Still I consoled myself I needed the exercise if I was to buck the trend to submit to growing older!

The evening with the tired but happily exercised Dobie, Mrs OR's gorgeous steak and kidney pie to die for and an excellent Crianza soon dispelled the weariness of our two hour walk. An early night and blissful sleep brought us to a new day. The gentle, constant rain falling may be sad for many on this bank Holiday. Almost as miserable as the wring of hands as to how much it costs. That old saying now applies to our Orwellian EU Statism, "Government knows the price of everything and the value of f**k all!". For us the rain is overdue and very welcome.

All of the above notwithstanding, the Dobie and me are very tired today. So in some respect my post is what it is to show why my passionate loathing of our ever BIGGER Government, led by a preacher of small government but purveyor of large, is taking a day off. A temporary malaise but hopefully back to angry vigour ere long! 

Have a good and rewarding day off. Malaise needn't be miserable.


  1. A lovely account of your day. Something about it reminded me of the perils of blogging too! Thanks, OR :)

  2. GV, on that note and with as ever my thanks for such kind remarks, it's great to have you back!

  3. Aww, I just love your dog. I've been waiting ages for a picture of him and doesn't he look toasty in his bed. Glad you enjoyed your walk, as you say sometimes we don't appreciate the beauty of what's around us.

  4. Ann, your most kind. Kindred spirits. On our walk I made a similar error with another dog owner when our two girls had a brief encounter!

  5. Sounds good OR .. nearly as good as here in East Devon!

    A word to the wise - you may be feeling a bit stiff tomorrow , but by Wednesday morning I suspect the old vocab may take a definite turn southwards ;-) .. but then you knew that didn't you?

  6. I did, I do and it has, Caratacus!