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Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Lull Before The Storm?

The EU Is Virtually Silent.

I frequently remark on the fact that as awful as the things are we learn or get wind of, of our political crooks' nastiness, they are of nought compared to their secrets. The overthrow of Gadaffi is one example of secrets coming to life. If his son were able to reveal even more of Bliar's carry ons and Straw's rendition signatures I suspect even their ill gotten wealth and privilege would be strained. 

Were we able to plough through the hidden legislative consequences of the mighty Brussels Gestapo behaviour, then I would also expect their safety procedures and protective shields would have a hard time defending them. The tenet of my post is captured beautifully  here.

I suppose their relative silence just now is because they are all enjoying their Easter holidays, paid for by us.  Just as with our own pathetic crowd of wannabe Emperors, we hardly miss them. Trouble is, the way things are headed, this is probably the lull before the storm. With any luck, once the tsunami has gone through, the whole, corrupt and illegal set up that is The EU will be gone.

After all, Europe recovered after the second World War why not again after the collapse of The EU?


  1. To answer your question:
    because the politicians and bureaucrats who support the EU (should that be 'are living off the EU'?) are likely to still be creating and pushing policy. They aren't going to remove themselves.

    The Marshall Plan helped provide finance for growth in Europe - it's very unlikely we'll get that again from the Americans even if we offer more facilities for missile or communications-eavesdropping bases (Maybe the Chinese? *grins* What do you think?).

    Meanwhile, our 'leaders' increase UK debt by giving money to our competitors and enemies, while also spending money oppressing UK citizens and business. I wouldn't call that a plan for growth - but then I'm not a Civil Servant or LibLabCon politician.

    I really don't care now what happens to the Euro or the EU, because we can't even seem to deal with our own increasingly urgent problem of the UK so-called Elite.

    1. DerekP,I suspect we feel very much part of a massive number of people, many millions, for whom living our daily lives is slowly becoming impossible. Everything we say or do is tainted with interference and busy-bodying. We no longer have a say in how our lives should be. It really cannot be sustainable and the only solution by those we hate so justifiably, is Orwellian dictatorship.

      As for China, they are so huge as to not need anything from the world they can't take with force of arms.