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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Keeping Whose Streets Safe?

Failure Writ Large And Expensively.

This today may well be the start of the end game in Afghanistan for NATO and the Western Invaders for this particular incursion. Remember that desperate phrase beloved of Labour and Now The Boy himself? 
    "We are there to keep our streets safe".

The incompetence of the ruling elite goes from ridiculous to tragic. The arms trade flourishes, The Maxim Gun syndrome booms  and the corporate shysters continue to yank the weak and pathetic political establishments they bought long, long ago. Whilst the banksters squandered their drug and arms dealer clients ill gotten cash on  "financial instruments" and created a ponzi scheme, casino culture, they knew in their hearts the weakness and stupidity of their political pygmy classes.

All of those caught up in the global collusion to rob, murder, slaughter and maim the innocent, in pursuit of their agenda of greed, the most culpable and palpable failure is in our political machines. Here those artificial and seemingly untouchable string pullers, in Washington and Brussels, aided by their bribed cohorts elsewhere, make hay.

That their finished bales of straw are disguising the most bloody and abhorrent killings, with millions of rotting corpses, hopes and dreams, seems of nought to the corporate culture of oligarchy and bloated existence. The perpetrators, many from the core of Jewish banking wealth, seem oblivious to the misery and the awfulness their very philosophy of control has created. 

That seemingly callous and cavalier approach to our World and existence is a mystery to me. Why? Because the terror and resentment they have built, beyond their own remit, will one day do for them as much as it is doing now to their victims. Victims from within as well as without of there own places of domicile.

Of this I'm certain. Those in the EU and British establishments are no match for their puppet masters,. The evidence of that is in these attacks by The Taliban today. After over a decade of billions of squandered cash and innocent lives, maimed and disfigured bodies and souls, only the financiers manipulating this awful cost are  benefiting. That Maxim gun syndrome is horrible to watch. Worse is the sheer inadequacy to stop it by our own representatives and Government. 

Indeed,not only are they incapable of stopping the wealth through death, elite squads of Satan, they are very quick at signing up to it. Ask Jack Straw for  one. Will he suffer any consequences? Don't be silly, he has a son to put into Parliament first. A son who will, one day, be seen hob knobbing with  the Taliban at  The LSE  before you know it.


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