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Friday, 20 April 2012

It's Never Easy.

Or Is It?

Belhadj And Quatada are probably  yet another illustration of that tenet of political and economic unity. Convenient morals abound. Belhadj quietly handed over to Gadaffi's bullies and sadists in exchange for Bliar's post Premiership wealth and in Office, perceived glory.

The Prime Ministerial trade delegations are often trailed as great for us all. They are trade missions to bring business, wealth and prosperity. A glorious new dawn of economic stability. In reality they are mainly arms deals and EU missions first. Secondly they are hustings for those in power. They are meant to highlight statesman like PR and election winning profiles. If the business does get done, even better for the prospects of clinging to power.

So there we have it. Convenient morals driving The Maxim gun syndrome. The moral maze left to academics to muse over. The reality of Dr Kelly's demise, Belhadj's deportation and Quatada's endless, multi-million cost to the taxpayer, are all handled with the expected nastiness and incompetence we now endure from our ruling classes.

Just imagine the horrors we never hear about. The lives lost for nefarious and secret motivations. The "keeping our streets safe" mantra beloved of all those in the loop of propaganda and unpleasant dishonest, subterfuge and lies. All the while common sense and decency are trampled underfoot.

It really does beggar belief. Child labour remains huge, exploitation massive and the pursuit of conflict, to engender arms sales, goes on apace. Drug barons now sit at the political, corporate and bankster tables. We are busy banning tobacco products whilst happily taking funds from  drug lords.

All the time Quatada and an army of Jihadists walk our streets and thumb their noses at us. Their supremacy and aloofness from our judicial system grows daily. They mock the dead soldiers in our forgotten wars, they strut their venomous preaching at a level of incitement which is unattainable to we idiotic voters, too ignorant to turf the old, useless parties out.

Just notice the reverence accorded Quatada and his ilk. Compare that to the treatment of  Ollie. No fancy lawyers or tax payer funded appeals for him. Nope, that's the Establishment's hammered nail into the coffin of freedom of speech. A casket almost ready for internment. A funeral where we dig our own graves and pay handsomely for the horrific honour.

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