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Thursday, 26 April 2012

It Just keeps Getting Worse.

No End In Sight.

The morality of corruption.

This post, though very accurate, lacks one fundamental statement. That is that it spotlights The Boy and his cronies as somehow standing out and apart from the rest of the political establishment. In reality hey are rather poor purveyors when the competence and skill that promotes The EU and corporate corrupt practices are compared. Then Cameron's spoilt and privileged background leaves him looking guileless and weak up against masters of the black arts, schooled in more gutter style fighting and nefarious unpleasantness. Frau Merkin is a perfect example. 

Were we, in our disparate Nations, or should that be Federal States, across Europe, able to have a more tangible measure by which to judge wannabe leaders, we would all be better off. Unfortunately the new World Order has become so large and so adept at subterfuge and waiting out the odd gasp of disbelief, they are probably untouchable.

How long ago the Parliamentary expenses scandals seem. All that's changed is the "briefing" incoming newbies get as to how not to get caught. The scandals and grasping behaviour, that ghastly sense of entitlement, remain. Not only in the UK, of course. Those sex crazed monsters such as Berlusconi and Strauss- Kahn, obsessed with their own depravity and inability to relate to the real world, are another pair of deluded, self-entitled idiots.

From top to bottom the whole political structure of The West has become little more than a global reach of greed, infecting every corner it touches. War, famine and the misery of so many creatures are all symptoms of the malaise of dishonesty and total absence of morality we now, day after day, have to observe and suffer helplessly. I suppose one day it will change but right now it seems just business as before, all the time.

The cheerleaders and limp wristed liberal reaction to Obummer's election to high office, just like The Boy's, has given us no change, either. Hope seems to no longer be on the agenda, as the American people look set to bend under the corporate yoke of purchased influence and deception.

Yet underneath all this top level cloud of nastiness and unlawful dominance, lies the real world. Kids in Africa and throughout the poorer regions of Asia and the rest of the Globe, march to school in hard won uniforms. They work alongside their parents when out of school and behave with a dignity and sense of purpose. All the time these small villages and centres achieve more in one day than the rich and pretentious do in their whole lives.

The same applies in the small towns and villages of rural Britain. Small and caring. The sense of morality and altruism still dominant. The anger and united disapproval at bad behaviour palpable but fair. Contrast that with the major cities. Gang culture is the desired path to emulate the nastiness and moral vacuum experienced at the top. Just add the huge doses of deprivation into the mix and there, in a nutshell filled cocktail, is the source of violent uprising.

To put it simply, those gangs and looters of last summer were doing only what they see at the very top. The only difference is the subtleness allowed the rich and powerful, compared to the lower orders. Both have exactly the same immorality but only one group gets to suffer any punishment. As that old song reminds us, "It's the rich wot gets the pleasure an' the poor wot gets the blame"!


  1. There was press story today about a businessman who recruited seven from the unemployed into a new venture. None of them turned up on the Monday first day because it was raining.
    Then the reply he got was that they were better off on benefits if they had to pay to get to work.

    1. That also gels with Rupe's comment at Leveson that the UK and USA education failures were a crime against the younger generation! He does come across as despairing of the political classes and is no worse to be thought of for it.