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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Is It Because?

They Can't Cope With Free Speech And Communication?

New World Order collusion doesn't seem so far fetched when the EU directives, ordering their State Governor cronies to implement cyber censorship, we observe, only outside the Western media, Obummer and the USA Federal Goons joining in, with a further attempt to emulate or maintain the joint agreements with their European cohorts.

Little coincidence that The Boy's sickening love in with his mate across the pond will probably have included an update on their respective troop movements in the cyber war. What a dreadful bunch they all are. The more I consider the collapse of the economy, the more I begin to believe it really is part of the master plan to reduce the wealth and thereby influence of the once relatively wealthy Western peoples.

I guess a destitute and hungry people are more easily controlled than a warm, well fed but questioning population.  


  1. What about Big Brother UK?

    1. Indeed, Salam, the birth place of football and Big Brother!

  2. Its reported that its not just the plod and security services about 800 other agencies are involved including you guess it the local council. What gives them the right to poke their noses in peoples private business. They are having a field day with News Corp for just doing that then handing out huge sums of compensation to fat slobs like Prescott.
    Update of London Mayor election.
    I had my listening devices on Livingslime when he said at Finsbury Park Mosque that he wanted to make London a 'beacon of Islam' lots of postal ballots on the way from Pakistan.

  3. I don't even want to imagine a future in this world as it pains me so.

    And to imagine at least half the worlds population is flying blind rendering them utterly clueless to such goings-on and thus fighting those of us who seek to prevent it, not just for ourselves but them as well?

    "New world order" = "Change you can believe in" =

    We are all North Koreans now.

  4. GS, thanks as ever for the comments. As for Red ken, loathsome chancer par excellence. As for postal votes, I'm surprised no more has been said about last week's Bradford debacle.

    Christopher, we will probably surpass North Korea ere long.