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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Government Spin.

Political Spin.

I listened with some wryness to the BBC's very subtle brainwashing this morning. I'm drawn to them out of a curiosity as to how much more depraved and obvious brainwashing techniques can get! They were having a field day over budget and VAT issues, Abu Quatada and "granny tax".

As ever much of it was pure BBC, (to take a line from Ishmael) , "made up filth". By that I mean a grain of fact was cultured into a gigantic triffid of mis-information and negative vibe. Let me explain my reasoning. Also bear in mind how much, throughout history, this kind of distrustful behaviour has afflicted every Nation on Earth. Also remember the propaganda of omission. The death of yet another soldier yesterday featuring nowhere in the exercise of "news" today.

Back to today's helpings of polluted servings of utter drivel and edited excreta that is so the BBC. Not forgetting that they are the militant face of The EU and Mandarin classes. This coalition, for all their faults, are proving a more difficult toy to bend for the Civil Service, than when it is just one Party to be controlled. I suspect this is why we are getting several pieces of bent information in one serving because a mega target is too elusive.

Firstly the VAT stories. There are, of course, several running right now. As Richard North and others bang on about, this is all an EU bollocks. Our opt outs are getting ever more difficult to sustain, as the Orwellian dead hand from Brussels squeezes and wrenches legislation away. Not one mention of this influence. Not least because to tell the truth, rather than disingenuously attack the dregs that are left of UK self governance, would only highlight who the real culprits responsible for our economic mess are. The EU Commissioners.

Now an associated arm of The EU federal project is the EHCR. That is the equivalence of a shackle about our justice system and an affront to our security and safety. Nevertheless it is a useful implement for The EU to yank peoples' chains, yet appear to be aloof and separate from this dreadful judiciary. One not conceived through desire for universal natural justice but a political construct and entity. Now we all know what that means. Massive bureaucracy and incompetence. ! 

Justice postponed, lawyers enriched. Plus a target with which to aim to lambast Government apparent disarray. In the puff piece BBC presentation the Archangel Quatada has an army of lawyers to fight his cause and no expense spared. Nobody at The BBC bothers to touch on how this creature can afford decades of legal representation, is there? Certainly not for the  "Underpants"" Shadow Secretary! Superb character qualifications for high office. I'll be back in a mo, need a vomit bowl.

Finally "granny tax". Pension increases this April plus rise in personal allowances are very good for the majority of us Oldies. The higher allowance, about to go, was for those on less than £23k per annum. As personal allowance for the less well off increase in the next couple of years, they will pass the level that has ever been held in the past for low income pensioners. In effect it is little more than an adjustment which few, if any, will really feel.

Yet this tenuous and minor issue is to be used as a pillow to beat Government with and attempt to ruffle feathers. I tell you what, if that's the best Wallace Milbad can do and reflects his capabilities when last in Government, the fact our enormous budget deficit catastrophe was not even higher is a miracle.

So there you have it. Propaganda appears to be suffering the same ailment of soporific Government all over the place. It's a wonder to behold, when the billions spent by The EU and UK authorities fail so badly to work, that we can realise how deep their incompetent stupidity runs elsewhere! 

Is Sir Humphrey struggling under the weight of internet communication and losing the propaganda war to truths and honesty. Do we live in an age of debunking, never known before? Are we winning? Mighty efforts being employed to stop freedom of speech seem to indicate we are making a difference. I do hope so!

Have a smashing day and don't swallow anything the BBC offer on behalf of The Mandarin classes.


  1. Mind you OR, Sky News are the same. They had some Tory on today saying that dave was doing great trying to grab back powers from the ECHR or something. The Sky Lass let him talk all this bollox.
    Abu was arrested to make the Tories look good before the local elections. Nothing more or less. He would have been released when the ECHR told them to. Handily in a few months time. Although it might even be sooner because of the leap year date cock up.
    Sky's 'what the papers say' allows dead beats to spout rubbish all the time with no corrections. How can this be legal ? Lies every day with no corrections ? Gilligan, Pearce and Jackie troughporn are the worst. That Ian Dale seems to be the only one that doesn't lie which is probably why he'll never be an MP.
    BBC are full of Common Purpose graduates so they will do their best to cause confusion and distortion to create a sense of panic in the sheep. Thousands of them are CP, inc Peston and Brillo.
    Good vid here...