Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Give It A Rest, John.

Slogging Or Flogging It To Death?

Such a joy to read. Well not really. I have become a staunch reader of The Slog but today was so fed up with the constant doom laden predictions as to feel moved to respond on my own blog. As the tragic Tom Simpson, pictured above on his final "slog" up Mount Ventoux, to his  untimely death, it was a complex coming together of a myriad contributing events that led to his demise.

Such is the nature of human existence and this vast Planet's place in the Universe, we are but a minor part of the spinning World we live on. Sure our emotional and physical well being is often in our own hands but for many others it is not.

John Ward's litany of predicted decline and disaster is probably correct. I often post on this myself. I similarly rail at the incompetent stupidity of the conspiratorial power crazed amongst us.Yet there is also humour to be had. 

For millions the obsessive occupation with wealth and comfort is all that matters, whilst in The West we see little to show our decline is none other than through our own fault. Sure we blame others. We envy and despise the rich and powerful. We see the nastiness of political, corporate and Mafia greed. 

Yet to most who stop and question the grip on power and obscene wealth by a small elite in the know or married to the "mob", would not seek to change the system if they had the opportunity to join or sup at the top table. I see this very morphing process with Paul Staines, aka Guy Fawkes. Now paid handsomely by a newspaper and sought out by TV and media outlets to give us his wit and wisdom, at a price.

I'm sure I might well do the same. Certainly I suspect John Ward would. Only in my immediate circle and rural life am I prepared to be altruistic and philanthropic. If I were demanded of to be so on a global stage, then I would need a very large incentive to do so! 

We are blessed by our humanity as much as cursed. Poverty, like all thing in life, is a given. For thousands of years humanity has grown in numbers but never in wisdom. So I look at times to nature and its creator, whatever or whoever that might be. There is to be found an optimistic existence, less affected or concerned by our trashing of the nest. Nature knows we are but transient. 

Our economic well being is a processed one when compared to the night sky, the grand vistas or the eternal sunrise. Important only to those unable to enjoy the realities all around us that come free of charge. Well, except when purloined by those very same worshippers of Mammon,  who would rule over us and who are given our laissez faire permission! Hose pipe bans all round!

Have a happy Easter holiday, doom and gloom is postponed. Ask Angela Merkel and her crowd. They don't seem that bothered Armageddon is next week, after the hols!


  1. What Ho! OR
    Just seen your comment in one of John’s pieces and am alarmed to hear that you think you may have upset me ... After I had posted a couple of my more rambling and monotonous comments I rather felt I had outstayed my welcome, as it were :-)

    Ref. John – I greatly admire his writing and always feel quite humbled in the presence of such erudition, but I sometimes feel that G.K. Chesterton had the right of it:

    And when the pedants bade us mark
    What cold mechanic happenings
    Must come; our souls said in the dark,
    "Belike; but there are likelier things."

    Anyway, the sun has set, the birds are singing fit to bust and the Memsahib has just handed me a glass of Macallan – I take each day as it comes .. :-)

  2. Always an honour and a privilege to hear from an old friend, Caratacus. As for outstaying your welcome, impossible.
    As for your snifter, raise a glass to us all.

  3. Honoured, my dear OR. Regret to have to report that several glasses have been raised, and the Pussers has sneaked a look in too :-) ... closest I have been to the Caribbean these last twelve years.