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Monday, 30 April 2012

Funny Rain.

To Quote ITN News, "Wettest Drought On Record"!

Do not use your hose pipes to drain water from your house! I appreciate there are dreadful news stories about. The EU alone is generating historic unpleasantness and austerity, dragging down the whole World with it. However I suggest the unknowing and unconscious humour around, with regard to these heavy rains, is too good to let slip by in the raging torrents! Not only that they are so illustrative of the paucity of competence in our management and Government classes today.

Over and over again we are being told this life giving rain from heaven is just not enough. The ground is so hard it's all washing away. OK, thank you for this scientific reason for screwing us ever constantly but answer me this. For decades you, the authorities, have preached climate change, dry summers, never again snowfall and that devotion to water conservation is essential.

Meantime, as outlets sell out of water storage units, rain harvesting hardware and so forth, you, the powers that be, are unable to contain and store billions of gallons of water that have just blessed us all with many months, if carefully harvested, of bounty! 

You have stood idly by and watched these torrents of liquid assets just run off into the oceans. Your capability to capture and store is non-existent, then is it? Whose fault is that? Is it ours or mine? Do you now wish to demand millions of gallons, now nestling in water butts all over the Nation's gardens and houses be donated to the Water Company shysters?

Furthermore the natural fissures and drainage that have not been concreted over are not working, you say. Have you chosen to make sure that none of this present flooding will ever reach below the surface then? When was this decreed or brought about? Or is there something else amiss. Have you in authority failed to cater for and invest in storage over the years? Have you failed to reduce leakages and decided not to build more dams? 

Did you never realise that mass immigration and the inevitable substantial extra demand for water would not help? You are still demanding millions more tons of concrete to be placed over flood plains and fields. So what about all this run off of water? It runs much more slowly over the driest soil and fields and quickly soaks them. Do you morons not appreciate that concrete and tarmac never absorbs this God given sustenance? Physician, heal thyself, comes to mind!

All I can say is that your having a "larf", as ever. Government and corporate interests have long since decreed that Nature is at their beck and call. At their behest. We can change climate overnight with our wind farms, create energy from solar harvesting and rid the planet of desert. Well Nature thinks otherwise and has a knack of proving we mere mortals, especially those who would play God, are puny passers-by on this Earth. It's a better place for the reminders! Not only that it is also a more jovial one! 

More heavy rain is forecast but next week Summer bursts upon us. That is unless Government decree prevents it!


  1. "We can change climate overnight with our wind farms"

    Yes, we actually can!!!

    1. That's another hilarious consequence of messing with Nature, MD!

    2. MSM mong "science". Temperatures near windfarms up just means they are down elsewhere. Modern Journos are too think to report science or facts.

    3. "MSM mong "science"."

      Wrong. The source (with a list of contributing authors) is here:

      And can hardly be called a "skeptic" organisation. You might care to check the following page: and note the references to "Climate Change" & "Sustainable Development". Monica Contestabile worked for WWF - you don't get much "Greener" than that. That sort of outfit is not going to publish research further damning wind turbines just for the sake of point scoring...

      Oh, and by the way, I believe you mean "thick", not think...

  2. I hope you didn't get any flooding in your house, OR! That's happened a few times to me, and it's a complete nightmare. Another reason I can't wait for the housing market to pick up (if ever) and just get a nice apartment and be done with the whole drudgery of home ownership.

  3. Thanks for your concern, Bunni. We sit high up from the flood plain are very well protected. As for your/our housing market, supply and demand are out of sync so change and balance should return. Of course bankster political interfering crap makes it a lottery.