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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Formula One And Poisoned People.

The Disease Of Money.

My first distasteful experience of the day was easy to gain but very difficult to swallow. That little midget, Ecclestone, defending the indefensible. My picture is not from Bahrain but used to show the link between greed power, death and the downtrodden victims of those bedfellows.

Morality, statesmanship and decency are all victims of the world we have allowed to be fashioned in our names. The real irony is the way in which socialist mantra and dogma has brought even more misery to us all whilst happily presiding over the continued growth of corporate, political and gangster alliances.

As for Formula One, here is an activity that has grown to become a major player in the Troika's machinations. Remember the ease they with which the tobacco companies gained breathing space for their advertising, via a bung to Bliar from Bernie the Dubious? Trust me, Formula One is the flagship of money laundering in the modern world of complete corruption. 

Football and its fiddled gate receipts and Oligarch owners washing of their bloodstained, stolen billions, pales into the second division compared to motor racing. Still we can console ourselves with the blessings of the Ecclestone offspring. These altruistic young women and their passionate devotion to the poor. Their buying up of every scrap of child labour produced luxury is so uplifting. 

Their single handed saving of London properties otherwise likely to fall into a depressed and deprived state without their philanthropy. Just imagine if they did not use their ill gotten Daddy's wealth for such good work. The likes of Kiddyfiddler Mandleson would be dreadfully deprived of a six million pound mansion in the heart of this needy and otherwise run down part of London. 

Rejoice in this glorious, gladiatorial sport. Without it what on earth would we do each time it is broadcast? Add it to the splendour of the pissing contest of the Olympic Games, the peoples' Wimbledon, where strawberries, freshly harvested by smiling, happy immigrant farm workers are distributed at affordable prices, for all to enjoy. Let sport reach out to the Bahraini people. Let Manchester United reign supreme in the world of washed morality, that is football. 

Yup, sport unites Nations and peoples. It furthers drug taking, betting scams and a plethora of pleasurable nastiness the world over. In short, sport shows us all how dreadful we can be!


  1. Ecclestone is only doing what the great and the good in the UK always do money comes first. The Queen is also inviting the despots for dinner so the ruler must be our kind of despot.
    On another matter...
    I just saw on the news Dave has a new job traveling salesman for Airbus. 'A great day for British Industry' but hang on a minute I thought Britain had pulled out of the consortium in 2006? I know they make the wings in Wales but is a French owned company all profits going out of the country.

    1. GS, I mentioned a day or so ago, he's as much working for his EU masters as he is for us!

  2. I trust your Olympic comment does not refer to the greatly respected and older Much Wenlock Olympics? If the London Olympics it is then that is another matter. Quite why TV spends a fortune on the East London affair is beyond me. They could all be having much more fun and interest in Shropshire. You can't do a lot better than The Three Tuns at Bishops Castle.

  3. You tend to do this a lot OR - a little word or phrase sets me off thinking, often at all sorts of tangents to the matter in hand ...

    Your second paragraph included words like, 'Morality, statesmanship, decency, socialist dogma, misery, corporate, political and gangster alliances' and they sort of gelled together in that dark and uncertain area that passes for my mind, and I was off. Thinking about Things. About how Socialism and morality (and honesty) cannot be easily reconciled - but then again how modern 'conservatism' is nothing of the sort and may easily be lumped in with socialism. One of Max's recent pictures was of Cameron wearing the headscarf of a Kamikaze pilot. These guys, whatever one thought of them, were encouraged to behave in the spirit of Bushido - Honour, Honesty, Courage, Loyalty, Rectitude and so forth. How many recent politicians follow that path I wonder?

    Well .. there's J.E. Powell, of course, possibly Airey Neave and Ian Gow, and, at a push, Kate Hoey. Perhaps there are others, but I'm blessed if I can think of them at the moment...

    1. My mission accomplished in the provocation of thought! As for politicians, just the heavies for the bankers and corporates.