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Monday, 16 April 2012

Don't Panic, Mrs Spelman.

Said Jonesey.

As  the South East and major UK cities swell aeons beyond their capacity to feed, shelter and water, the inevitable natural climate cycle throws up a prolonged dry spell. Most of us over thirty years of age and certainly my generation are fully aware of these cycles. Well documented.. Of course we do have the political and bureaucratic idiots to ensure that a bad situation is made inevitably worse.

At the head of the present army of incompetents is Mrs Caroline Spelman. A career politician few would find endearing. Now she may have a mighty photographic memory that has propelled her through the education system but it is not matched by a towering capacity for reason or intellect. If it were this panicking us into crisis would not be happening.

As pointed out elsewhere, the climactic conditions are  not that unheard of. What is different is twofold. The need to make profit from our God given rain and the unimaginable increase in demand. Both have combined to place a life requiring "product" at the mercy of the manipulators and profiteers.

What is happening was entirely predictable. Privatisation is first and foremost about profit. Water should not be. Population growth is about sustainability. Science and anthropology are both fully aware of the need to have a finite number of creatures supping at the well. Too many and the well runs dry and its surroundings provide much carrion for the Vultures.

Whatever the stupidity of Government, we shall be forced to pay. Just you wait and see. Together Mrs Spelman and her Corporate friends will dream up draconian measures designed to improve profitability of water companies, as their "product" remains scarce. 

As the heavens open and the floods wash away the dreams of many, it will all reverberate back to the climate change, global warming fiction. As with the recent harsh winter, the present dry spell and so forth, it's really all our fault. There's too many of us. Well, not to pay taxes and fund the elite, there isn't but to require precious resources, there really are too many.  Plus-ca-change.


  1. Well said OR.

    If I may add one other inexorable law of nature it is this: we may be certain, as surely as night follows day, that this avoidable situation will be used to extract more money from the taxpayers pocket, whether through extra 'green' taxes or additional costs incorporated into our water bills.

    1. Without a doubt, Caratacus. It's time for a better way of doing business. Still the implosion of the EUSSR looks set to help us there, eventually.