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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Corporate Skies.

It Wasn't meant To Be Like This In The Air!

I've spent my life in aviation since the age of seventeen. I was always in awe of the industry and never dreamt I would one day fly the most advanced aircraft of the day, the A321. 

As the years went by I marvelled at the ever growing dominance of Boeing. The way in which threats to that corporate giant and its flag ship product, the B747, were seen off, was something to behold. Lockheed's civilian projects all floundered and the Tri-Star had a short shelf life, as did the Douglas DC-10. Even the big selling DC9 and its derivatives crumbled under the onslaught of the B737 line. One still very much alive today.

My biggest shock and angry realisation of the underhand and rather nasty face of political and corporate alliances outside of the arms industry, was the stifling of Concorde. The Americans rather greedy and covetous nature certainly clobbered that dream of supersonic travel. I am only surprised they have yet to produce a supersonic Boeing and will more likely progress to Hotol.

Whatever the future holds, Airbus was not expected to be what it has become. At least not as far as Boeing and The US Government machine are and were concerned. To this day I cannot fathom how Airbus became such a force, when America had determined that the skies would eventually be only populated by Boeing machines.

I appreciate the spats still raging over both company's Governments' methods of subsidy but I still wonder at what point the Americans took their eye off the ball. For surely the powerful influence of the Airbus model line was never envisaged? In some respects this European collaboration and success argues for ever more such alliances. Were this to be only about commerce and engineering, I would support that. 

Unfortunately, TPTB are never satisfied with such excellence diverting the glory and the power away from their own narcissistic obsession and greed for self importance. Today The Boy is reported to be on a trade mission to Japan. I suspect he will be banging the EU drum every bit as loud as The UK's. 

I can also foresee The USA playing catch up before long. Get ready for joint venture projects between Boeing and Airbus and a fusing of yet another unholy corporate alliance. Maybe that was always the case, for it's always that we never get to know about that enslaves us. 

Just as we in The UK are never told about EU influences and demands on our own legislation, as Westminster continues its pretence of sovereignty in order to mask our subjugation, so that self same deception is prominent in EU/US alliances. Coca Cola still rules, OK?!

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