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Sunday, 22 April 2012

As Ye Sow................

So Shall Ye Reap!

These seeds are not the welcome flowers twittered on about openly. The burden of mass immigration and the drain of ever more scarce resources, including water, is something now sown in the UK like ground elder.

What is becoming ever more obvious are the manifold manifestations of this political madness. It is alarming how Whitehall and their EU counterparts blithely ignore the  savage personal and human misery their aloof arrogance displays. Like their marionettes in Westminster these bubble wrapped, self appointed elites rarely suffer the realities of their stupidity and failure.

Today one such individual did. This very same story runs alongside Boris pleading for more of our money to prop up overwhelmed primary schools. Naturally the same burden of numbers is rife in its pressure on all our services. The police are wetting their pants about the rise in crime and muggings in London. The Romanian trash are probably holding huge seminars and pick pocket academies in preparation for shaming us all during the ghastly and expensive Olympic fest.

Do these perpetrators of monumental crass idiocy not manage just a glimpse of the irony? The dreadful escalating, hidden costs, of this jamboree of ego massaging for corrupt Olympic organisations, is "no expense spared" hubris. Yet London's Mayor is having to beg for money to educate the hordes of cuckoos fighting for space. Masses of displaced, homeless victims of the promise of our easy money benefit system. A system only capable of functioning with unbelievable billions of borrowed money and time.

Just suppose for one minute our population growth was purely from a 40 million resident populace. Imagine if the economy was healthy and successful supporting such a number. Then have people in Government with common sense. A sustainable figure for absorbing a higher birth rate calculated. If then that figure looked like upsetting the natural, sustainable balance, the sensible politicians would run propaganda and persuasion to slow it down. Keep it manageable, keep it all viable and even happy.

So what have our corporate expansionists, banking fraudsters, drug peddlers and their political storm troopers colluded to create? Growth. Here is that holy grail beloved of those in power. Growth by acquisition is one of the clever phrases and tactical mantras of this bunch of hapless cretins.

So there you have it. In their rush to create global fields of ripe and profitable harvests, none of them thought to check the quality of the seeds poured into every available space. We now begin to see the results of their ignorant greed. Mass migration has been used to swell demand and boost consumerism at any cost. 

Meanwhile the enforced nomadic pressures have left the genuinely disadvantaged and deserving asylum human casualties way behind. No longer is sanctuary a decent and welcoming option for The UK or indeed much of Europe. The Left have dominated and seized the perceived multi-cultural agenda for their own warped and ridiculous morality. 

Those of us of a more sensible condition can only stand and stare as the tide of feckless, economic mass migration is allowed to continue. Continue and drag us all, immigrant or endemic resident, into the mire. Our propaganda machinery is set to hand Labour thousands of council seats, so we are led to believe. More of the same, tri-partite, ignorant placements. They're welcome to them. Dare I say, they are welcome to the harvests of their own stupidity for voting for more mushroom compost.


  1. Saw all this coming years ago I think the last straw was when the hijackers of that Afghan plane were giving asylum houses benfits ect. Labour opened the door to the scum of the world hoping they would keep them in power but as Tower Hamlets proves the time comes when they dont need Labour.
    Think if you wanted to leave the UK and seek asylum what country would house you and give you money for not working is there one I dont think so. But a few weeks back a story of a Rumanian in a council house getting £25k a year benfits why if you leave your country are you entitled to a UK council house.

    1. That we are beggared beggars belief, GS!

    2. There really isn't anywhere to run. Thailand - for all its beauty - and the grace and good nature of the lovely Thais themselves - has plenty of Islamic strife, and not just in the south which is what only gets reported. There are muslim population bombs eveywhere, ready to be detonated when they're ready. At least as an island nation we have some chance of being rid of them and protecting ourselves from future influxes.


    3. "At least as an island nation we have some chance of being rid of them and protecting ourselves from future influxes."

      If only there was a will to something, David.

  2. Anonymous....Apart from that Thailand wont put you up in a top of the market house and give you Baht 1,244000.00 a year for nothing the UK will.