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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Who Is To Blame?

The One Constant.

This clip, as ever very funny and very telling. My desire to witness a humiliation of front line tri-party politicians, through a wave of votes going to such as UKIP, neglects the real influence and power that has brought us to the sorry state existing in 2012.

Over the years one constant remains. The Civil Service Mandarins' aloof, untouchable, invincibility. If we ask a street poll who is Prime Minister, probably some 75% of those polled would know. Ask who is the head of the Whitehall machine, very unlikely to get 1%, at least outside of those employed as bureaucrats.

Since this cabal of clique, Oxbridge, individuals is so unknown, secretive and all powerful, their reach and their influence is the one abiding constant throughout our history. Once they were a positive, efficient and conscientiousness bunch, as prepared to  follow the elected lead as part of serving the national will expressed at the ballot box. 

Sadly, as those elected began to studiously seek wealth and personal gain, their Mandarins became infected with the disease of hubris. As the private sector appeared to garner great riches and bought off power, so these Civil Servants became wary. They felt sidelined and wanted more selfish opportunities, not provided through sheer service to others.

As in the clip, these people, without any proven merit or obvious positive influence on our lives and fortunes, retired on superb pensions, honours galore and dubious appointments to senior and lucrative corporate largesse. Much of this quiet wealth is from cosy arms procurements and useless IT contracts. Expensive entertainment for contracts supplied is of nought to the media or even their supposed bosses in Parliament.

So it remains doubtful that we can influence real change just by sacking politicians for their pathetic failures. Their activities, trade delegations and cosy dinners with the rich and powerful corporate world mean little compared to the devious and Machiavellian machinations of Sir Humphrey's crowd of traitors.

For these less than savoury, secretive figures, their agenda is always the one that holds sway. It is their ilk who dominate the EU Commission. It is they who run the climate change scams to enrich their buddies as well as themselves. it is these people who cajole, bend and manipulate the politicians. They know that the latter's tenure is tentative and it is those who are blamed and punished for any failure.

So in this secure world of gentlemen's clubs and hidden unpleasant arrogance, all that matters is their career path and smug exercise of power. That it is so unreachable and personal consequences irrelevant in their lives, is appalling. 

I understand the American way is those who serve in such State and Federal high ranking positions are heavily recruited by an incoming administration. The incumbents as reliant on election results as their political colleagues. That, of course, is also dangerous since they can marshal  bureaucratic and corporate influence to support their own allegiances. That notwithstanding these people are still  subject to potential dismissal by voters.

Not only are they dependent on the Public for sinecure, they are as likely as their political wing to be scrutinised by the public they purport to serve. We have not one iota of such scrutiny. Our lot guard their private empire with jealous passion and fervour. It also makes them totally oblivious to those they condemn to a miserable society and life. 

Look at recent history. The EU juggernaut, mass immigration, taxation and the whole panoply of big if not world government. Who or which professional individuals expand with expanding bureaucracy? Who gets to have more minions, bigger offices and ever greater opportunities for career and wealth advancement? Not only that, these dreadful morons have what they regard as total access to the public purse not only today but in the distant future. Nice work if you can get it. 

A terrible shame they are useless at looking after the rest of  us, purely because it matters not to them,  since we do not even know them. Their anonymity is their very powerful weapon, to be guarded as if it were a nuclear bomb. How can we possibly shake their cosy grip on power? 

Could UKIP say that if  elected the Senior Civil Servants all get sacked? A truly new political power to use such a mandate to force those untouchables to re-apply for their jobs, against stiff competition from red brick educated, UKIP supporters. A move towards an administration as wedded to manifesto implementation as presently our politicians are not. The latter case mostly tossed away under the influence of the "Yes means no, Minister" culture plaguing us so badly, in this modern, history re-written society of today. 


  1. "Could UKIP say that if elected the Senior Civil Servants all get sacked?"

    But your average Joe in the street wouldn't understand why sacking them is important.

  2. Perhaps we need to "sack" the average Joe, Michael!

  3. What a joke this countries legal system has become. Today the Mail has a headline Gun and Shanks gang behind bars: "Seven members of group behind shooting of girl, 5, jailed for 20 years"
    Whats this 20 years!!!! nobody got 20 years the most any of these low life scum will serve in 6 years.
    What is the point what is the matter with these politicians?
    But dont worry these scum will be knocking on their doors soon.

  4. "But dont worry these scum will be knocking on their doors soon."

    When this happens there might be change. Deterrence can only work if draconian.

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