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Tuesday, 27 March 2012


I'm Not A Member, Yet.

I have said this before but I really think it bears repeating. Our political establishment is in disarray. The Boy is but that. An immature, rather privileged young man obsessed with his own place in history as was Bliar. Milibad and his ilk are just people who cleave to the Labour and Union flags.  They feel a moral advantage but in truth are even worse in their subjugation of their trailer trash, gullible supporters, who stupidly look around their slum existence and never query as to why it never improves, despite their Labour MPs existence.

Now regardless of UKIP's structure, leadership or policy, they really are all we have, right now, to make a difference.A wholesale, common sense and moral stance by any MP, whichever party, could do to change our society, its politics and its corrupt establishment, would be to defect to this party. 

We are ruled by fear.Such a dramatic success for a minority party would totally change the landscape. It matters not the immediate consequences of such a tsunami of allegiance to a better future. It would be the switching of fear from them to us, turned back on them. 

I am a conservative in principle, big "c" and small "c". I know that is the way. It is not the prerogative of a Toff's idealogical selfish hubris to tell me what I should think or be allied to, because he says so. I am slowly seeing the chameleon as just that. A different hue dependent on the moment. I am seeing him as a polished, more careful nose picker than Snotty himself. A weak, vain and unpleasant sycophant,  not even fit to be seen as heir to Bliar.

Am I wrong here? Is touting dinner with "me" at £250,000 a pop not the most dreadful abuse of vanity you can think of? Even worse, the prat employed a hit man to promote this arrogance. I tell you what, for 300 quid a night you can stay here. Superb food, great company and a fabulous tour of the garden. Thing is, I value my privacy at a much higher price so you can't. Mind you, maybe at 10% of The Boy's levy, you could be in with a chance! Call me.



  1. My view as you know all these politicians are just crooks they care nothing for the people that vote for them. Democracy that's only for one day every five or so years while they wait to get voted in or out. If they get voted out off to the House of Lords to suck off the public tit there Prescott is a good example.They have handed over the country to the EU Nazis without a care because they are lining their pockets.A few care I would say about 20% the rest only worry about reality TV there is no hope.
    Im just listing now to another waste of space the police farce saying they have gang crime under control in London what planet are they living on.

  2. Although I am a 'Yank' I have to agree with you and Get Smart being I see the very same here in the U.S.

    What has become of our two respective Nations is an absolute travesty to the Western ideology and example of civilized behavior and as such threatens any idea of freedom, decency and rule of law to those around the world that may have sought it.

    Most know of 'The shot heard around the World' so there is no need to go through the history but rather to suggest it be repeated but this time on both sides of the pond.

  3. Have to agree with the previous two commenters OR. What I can't understand is why UKIP doesn't do better south of the border.

    There appears to be lots of support for its policy of withdrawing from the EU, but at the last minute folk seem to vote 'safe'. Somehow I think that will happen here for the referendum.

    It's sad to know people can take matters into their own hands but are so lethargic. Better to be beaten by the same stick than chance a bigger one attitude. Foolish.

    Auch it's not only Cameron. I'll bet they're all at it - conning folk for thousands. It's the pomposity of the silly man which irritates. Of course money makes policy. How else would Cameron have u-turned about minimum alcohol pricing which will make the producers and supermarkets loads-a-dough?

    Beautiful weather for the garden. 22 degrees here yesterday and lovely again today. We do need rain though. Can't bring myself to think it won't last.

  4. Thank you all, as ever, for your support. it's nice to know we are not totally alone!

    Despite the awfulness of our political yoke, we can still marvel at the good things in life. Clear blue skies, nature, starlit night skies, indeed all that is right with nature. Marred only by the dregs of humanity that plague our political and government offices.

  5. Speaking of dregs of humanity the Mail on line has an item...
    "Why were they free to gun down innocent five-year-old? Gangsters guilty of drive-by shooting could have been behind bars on the night of the attack"

    Well just ask that waste of space Ken Clarke these scum will be back on the streets again soon after their holiday enjoying Sky TV PlayStation gym ect while this poor child has her life ruined. If they get 10 years they will be out in 2 thats how ii is a complete joke.

  6. GS, soon these thugs will be at the gates of Kensington and Westminster. That should wake up a few of the multi-cultural worshippers.