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Monday, 5 March 2012

Taking Sides.

All The Time.

The human condition is still locked in primaeval and unchangeable instinct for survival. We will never lose that since procreation is always paramount. In our psyche we remain ever vigilant of dangers that might threaten safety and our very existence.

The foregoing shapes our evolution. Greed,  the hoarding of wealth and power and a powerful desire to back or be part of a winning side or team, often defines us. It's everywhere. From the brutal cruelty of gang culture and mobsters to the highest echelons of the tribal orders. Wars are fought over this struggle for security of progeny and territory. It was ever thus.

However in the modern world these facets of our human kind are more glaring and the stakes more immense. To cope with the exponential growth of the race and it's insatiable demands there becomes a need for a new governing tribe. Or so some seem to believe. Is this, I wonder, the driving force behind a new World order? The creation of a super race of elite and proven members. A grotesque but ever powerful, nepotistic dynasty.

For sure the signs seem to suggest this is what is happening. The EU, as ever, a glaring example of the growth of a tribe free of the burden of democratic selection and stuffed full of disparate, unpatriotic, mixed cadres. The Bilderberger fraternity seeking to demolish principles and nations and subjugate the masses to a controlled, totally obedient, teeming workforce, in the model of Orwell's prescient 1984.

Now we need to look to flaws in this evolving nightmare and its implementation. Democracy is one biggy. One being slowly strangled in the West and subordinated to Islam in the Middle East. However China and Russia, two vast super powers with a modern history of the principles now employed by the West to create a subjugated Empire, may well not play ball. 

These Countries have seen a growing revolutionary fervour threaten to overwhelm their Governing elite and have been forced to temper and water down the dominance. It is even reasonable to suggest that Putin, in Russia, is a product of a democratic passion for a great leader able to embrace a benign, albeit powerful, governance. Furthermore this guy has seen and been involved in the KGB and black arts of the secret services and their duplicitous capabilities.

He knows the Western agencies are every bit as cruel and dispassionate as any in history. That the Western propaganda and hysterical frothing at the mouth by the West , note the BBC on board here, as ever, is very excitable about his Presidency. Whilst wrecking Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and so forth, our lot have the gall to lecture Russia! They used to try it on with China until they realised Bilderberger wealth had been quietly pick pocketed by the inscrutable.

So, as life goes on, we are all expected to take sides. Hate Putin, loathe Assad, topple Gaddafi, put in a corrupt regime in Afghanistan and love it. We are pulled hither and thither. Few care as long as Corrie or the celebs entertain the dim witted, ill educated couch potatoes. Keep them fed and watered until we open up a new trench warfare somewhere! 

Now I believe these NWO tactics are puerile, fantastical and doomed. Tribal instincts are for small, easily defended positions using the best available from the tribe, to lead and guide the rest by example. The NWO vision is to accept a hierarchy manufactured and placed by an undemocratic few. A flawed dynasty of the lucky rather than the best. A world controlled by inadequates creating laws and treaties to protect their straw edifices.

Am I wrong about the senior figures who would rule over us, globally? The new tribe of manipulators who,  through subterfuge and cunning, believe their secret machinations are superior to serried ranks of objectors.  Well, everywhere I look these people are vilified. The Rompuy, Merkin, Sarkies, Cameroons, Obummers, Milibads et al, not much in this lot to gainsay my arguments. Tell you what, I envy The Russians Putin. He puts his tribe before all others, out of an understanding of the human need.

As for the despots such as Assad. Surely it's for Syrian tribes to endeavour to topple him or get on with him and accept one tribe as more powerful than the rest. In a way the physical force harks back to the argument. Not least if one tribe has superior numbers, then their power is ostensibly democratic by virtue of majority rule. If we consider the mess in Iraq and now Libya, we messed up there big time by siding with minorities. Gaddafi was more Putin than Stalin but our lot decided otherwise and fomented anger and revolution. No wonder Vladimir is suspicious of the West.

We are busy on that score everywhere and it's very messy, dangerous and wrong. More is done in the name of the Bilderbergers than the rest of us. If that were not so, we would not be in the mess we are, would we?



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