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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sex, Irony and Parody.

The Modern Obsession With Carnal Cant.

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I presume it a reasonable assumption that there was once two beings whose physical capabilities allowed for procreation. We can be pretty certain they were not able to bind a union of the same credentials and procreate. In that respect we may also therefore claim it to have been a coming together, a union, indeed a marriage, ordained by whatever circumstance, to produce offspring.

Therefore, I find the screaming, loud mouth, scrawny warbling of people such as that dried up old prune, Featherstone, abhorrent. I also find it ironic that procreation and an institution designed to attempt to keep a couple together, for the purpose of nurturing the resultant raison d'etre  for that "marriage", is now an obsessive and dogmatic mantra. It is also ironic that it is an alliance of failed marital capability of heterosexual, divorced armies and their homosexual, look at us we're so special and bloody precious, opportunists.

There was a time when these matters were quietly accepted and our lives not polluted by specious argument. Parliament, now emasculated by its big brother in Europe, seems to need weak and pathetic arguments for inconsequential, vanity driven legislation. Whilst the shackles of EU dictatorship remain the only full blown industrial output from the Brussels Central Kremlin, our lot are busy chasing about like headless chickens, powerless, ineffectual and very, very expensive.

This whole "gay" marriage rubbish is so unnecessary. Yet it fills the vacuum created by the disappearance of our wealth and freedoms. That the homosexual fraternity are gagging for the right to be called a married couple is hilarious and so ironic. The BBC flaunt their archive footage of two East End butcher "boys" enjoying their three minutes as a first civil partnership bash. The pair split acrimoniously a few months later!   

So even more irony in that this lot are baying for the privilege to enhance the divorce rate statistics and swell lawyers adversarial largesse! So hilarious if not so stupidly and predictably unpleasant.

Now, what about the Islamic influences? Sure having and claiming benefits for several concubines is perfectly OK by our supreme leaders. This marriage set up embraced as part of the paradoxical nation we have become. Nevertheless, promiscuity disguised as cultural blessing, for the blokes at least, does not extend to the Islamic take on homosexuality. Of course should it do so then the gay crowd parodying their polygamous counterparts would be something to behold. 

Of course the idea of significant benefit claims for a multitudinous gay polygamous household would carry a few risks! As the parody of gay "marriage" enters the statute books, I doubt clauses or amendments would be attached to cover the incredible vastness of anomalies that will occur. 

One thing politicians, amongst many dubious qualities, lack, is any understanding of the laws of unintended consequences. If ever there was an occasion for that common sense, this is it. Marriage is not what it was. Society is the poorer for it. So the idea that extending the term and conditions of marriage to the homosexual environment, one even more flawed than its natural counterpart, is plan crazy and stupid. 

That it's even the subject of a colossal waste of time is only believable in the context of our social decline and rapid progress towards Sodom and Gomorrah. The West, already destitute and flat broke from the antics of the ruling elite hardly need this monument to social engineering.A project aimed squarely at the sensitivities of those wondering if the old days were superior to the present nightmares. Which, of course they were.

Sex has become a self-fulfilling parody of normal, decent, procreational fulfilment. Buggery has become the preferred option for debate and the award of Parliamentary attention. Far more important than the carnage and futility in Afghanistan. You might say a bottom up camouflage to disguise the real and terrible World our cretinous buffoons seem so avidly to wish upon us! Just don't tell the Muslim "community" that it is so favoured.


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  3. OldRightie.
    When the sheep are looking at the Wolf, they cannot see the Shepherds intent for them. I hope I have the analogy correct. A good post.

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    Unlawful is Illegal, illegal is not necessarily unlawful. Sleep well.

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