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Friday, 16 March 2012


I Know I Shouldn't.

JW at the Slog , quite my regular daily fix of anti-corporate and political shenanigans,  gave me an hour of entertainment going through the MF Global list of creditors. I realise there will be innocent and unwitting victims of Madoff but there is also a collection of deserving, intriguing figures and businesses. 

JP Morgan Chase bank NA CRE, Invoice Processing appear to have blown £100 million. They make Mr Tessa Jowell's £3.5 million look small change! Mind you where did Mr Tessa's dosh come from? Did he pay any tax on all this? 

Speaking of tax, what on earth is HMRC doing losing £85k to this ponzi party of huge proportions? I suppose it's easily explained but what other weird places has HMRC placed our leftovers? 

If that's a bit peculiar how about the Financial Services Authority? £755k this bunch of financial wizards blew. Mind you they did work closely with Snotty Gordon, so that might explain a degree of cosy incompetence!

One thing is for sure, this financial world that wishes to control all our lives and to whom the political establishment, world wide, is in thrall, doesn't inspire confidence, does it? This list is the bare, stripped naked flesh of more than one Emperor without clothes. All we need do is look harder! I wonder how many names are buried in this list? Lots of Cayman Islands and Swiss banks here and there. The Channel island addresses also figure prominently.

Do you think "lessons have been learnt"? Well it seems to me The ECB is playing a similar game on an even larger scale, gambling with trillions, like MF Global, they don't have. Scary or what?

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