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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Reasons To Be Cheerfully Scared!

Money Used To make The World Go Round!

John Ward is one of a growing number of serious commentators bringing blogging level pegging with the controlled media allies of corporate, political and gangster front runners. Amongst that latter roll of dishonour comes two blatant operators in the mismanagement of truth and graffiti daubers over reality, Reuters and The BBC.

That this burgeoning rise of good, entertaining prose and reporting, together with real intelligence is one of my reasons for being "cheerfully scared"! The contrast with The Slog's take on things, with that of the clowns at the helm of this rudderless political failure that is The New World Order dream, is quite amazing. Here is a good example of my reasoning, delusion writ large.

Now this is all most interesting and pertinent to all our lives. A further example of my heading is Putin's success in Russia. If we heed mindlessly the West's propaganda, interference and black ops, Putin is little more than a reincarnation of Stalin! Rubbish, I know but still that's how people are cajoled and twisted to accept conflicts that are designed to underpin the shaky Rothschild legions of control freaks. Vlad doesn't like them. Indeed he would rather sup with the Chinese than cede to the bullying of a more than dubious NWO.

It is reasonable, also, where Putin is concerned, to appreciate his less than comfortable appetite to mix with the gangsters left over from the USSR crowd of thieves. This very unlike our EU and USA crowd who are  more than prepared to play Mafioso Godfathers to protect their power, as we see  here. 

Now the use of gangster hordes of cash by the NWO idiots was done in panic when their "financial instruments" were discovered to be worthless. They behaved much like those forced to fall back on "pay day" loan sharks. Suddenly the time has come to pay back the money! 

As was the case before the crash of 2007, the assets and equity held by the far too many major financial institutions, often no more than flag carriers to the egos of political despots, is insufficient to cover liabilities. As payrolls arrive, pension fund monies and obligated income pours in each month, much more is going out to furnish the interest pledges required. Those pledges include your wages and pension payments. It is a whiff of such a potential loss that causes runs on banks. Imagine waking up to find your bank has closed for ever! Sure there are Government guarantees, aren't there? How long would it take to get that under way?

Sounds familiar, doesn't it. Exactly like Government economic incompetence. A constant requirement to tax and borrow more to fund the imbalances and interest,  so out of control. Again back to the header. The mayhem will subsume some of the idiots. The EU may well be entering the last act of its awful drama and its woeful actors. Better still, some of them may well have appointments with equestrian torso-less appendages! Oh happy days!

Of course, there comes the scary bit. In the chaos, the fall of the political third of my unholy Troika still leaves the corporate and gangster crowd wanting their pound of flesh. Since the political failure will leave quite a vacuum, especially the demise of the EU, or at least the eurozone, the threat of dictatorship looms large.

Such a political total loss of democracy, already being trailed by the EU Commission in Greece and Italy, would not bode well for us little people. As ever, we would have to pay the price. Since money would be virtually non-existent only our flesh remains! We swap one lot of uncaring, superficial, deluded, dishonest despots with one less sensitive or squeamish about fulfilling their lusts.

To summarise. I'm happy to observe the slow but ever more obvious decline of the political forces that have shaped badly my own life. I'm unhappy to see and a little scared of the consequences. Every major calamity of the 20th century ended in massive, global conflict and destruction. Are these moronic imbeciles taking us all on a similar course? Or have they already? Time will tell.


  1. Do you think i should pay the fine and be done with it all OH?

  2. Pseudo Cap'n, why ask me? I'm known as OR, not OH! What a strange little person you are.

  3. Another great post OR I think someone said it yesterday about Guido's blog some of his stuff gets 60 comments but he's been rubbish since the Tories & Dims took over. Im knocking him off into the recycling bin will replace him with The Slog. I did notice that Putin is been demonized by all the western media whores over the last few days, well whatever he did have an election unlike the EU Politburo who never have to stand for election.

  4. GS, many thanks for the kind words. I like your point viz a vie Vladimir and the EU despots!