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Saturday, 24 March 2012

The Real America Still Matters.

That Is Not The Goldman Sachs One.

I cannot believe the men so savagely slaughtered  in the cause of freedom and the defeat of tyranny can rest easy in the terrible world we now inhabit. As America builds towards a new Presidential election there seems little reality or decency such as depicted in little Alana Milwaski's face above. That picture shows such hope and feeling, not for revenge but for sheer noble sentiment and a better future.

Sadly the warmongers and their arms dealers, beloved of the banking corporations and the whole rotten core of  Maxim gun  peddlers did what they always do, manipulated and controlled. The Rothschilds' powerful but dubious wealth, together with their soulless soul mates such as Goldman Sachs, seem incapable of sharing huge riches. Many loathe Bill Gates but few can argue with his altruistic charitable giving.

In this vein we can witness the might of the corporate giants' power who, if Governments were not so fawning and scared of their masters' siren songs, might have been reduced significantly after 9/11 and the bubble bursting sting in all our faces, in 2007. Unfortunately these dreadful billionaire charlatans hold such sway as to survive the biggest ponzi scam on the rest of us, as has ever been pulled.

So, as the election year unfolds any stirring of a different candidacy, more down to earth than the puppeteers will accept, the vilification and nastiness is allied to the brutality of the mobster mentality to bring down, discredit or destroy, those who dare to speak the truth so many died for in the past. Such individuals are often from the right of political thinking. Caring for individual responsibility and a questioning, ever constructively critical, observation of those in power.

Once there was, throughout the Western World, an instinctive awareness if something smelt off. It is irrelevant to left/right enmity that Nixon was a republican. He was "iffy" and it cost him his job. This may well have been the last ever major media driven, public friendly action. I suggest the buying of the media in order to contain it began shortly after his disgrace.

Now we live in an environment tantamount to dictatorship. Even before an individual can become successful and popular to the extent of threatening the "club" members' grip on power, they are slaughtered, sometimes literally. Two such people exist in American Politics today. Ron Paul and Sarah Palin. 

They are seen as so threatening to the cosy partnership across the Party divide of banking, corporate and gangster influence, as to merit powerful and nasty attacks. Since the power of such attacks is in total disregard as to any political philosophy, other than brute force, I find it very hard to see any solution other than that occurring outside the Western sphere. Bahrain, Libya, Syria, Egypt and so on.

I consider Obummer's election and his probable re-election, as a fantastic piece of considered tactics by our friends in question. First of all he could be sold as a moral crusade for the coloured people, not only in America but throughout the world. Here was window dressing par excellence. However what difference has he made? He sided with and increased the size of the bank bailouts, he has kept Guantanamo Bay open and his foreign policy and war stewardship has been as pro Islamic as Western.

Now that last point might seem a contradiction of the whole tone of the post. Yet if we look hard at the Maxim Gun syndrome theory, it is a natural progression. It's arming both sides for future profit and influence. So he still remains the perfect, seemingly moral, front man for those who wish to use anonymity as a perfect sanctuary for evil intent.

If we look long and hard at The UK and Europe we can quickly detect similar behaviour. The EU servants to the "cause" of a New World Order, the UK included, also bailed out the horrific ponzi scheme perpetrators in the banking fraud cycle of failure. It is we patsies who having been tossed the odd juicy bit of retail therapy fell for the whole nine yards. First Snotty Cyclops, now The Boy "a legend in his own lifetime" Cameron.

Like all the rest, once ensconced at the top table it's just what do you want me to do to earn the next course, a snort of coke or swig of Krug. The dossiers of potentially damaging activities are quietly passed across the table just to reinforce the control, then tucked away. The excesses enjoyed by the chosen few are tolerated as necessary. Dunblane a perfect example of how to jerk a chain and send to war as required to defend a tarnished character and, even by today's standards, career threatening behaviour.

So next time you eye the attraction of a Ron Paul or Sarah Palin or you look with interest at UKIP, be careful. Hoping for change and longing for the better side of human nature to triumph, can be a dangerous emotion. As we see the trashing of The American Constitution by Obummer's tenure, the EU's  New Gestapo and the taxation squeeze to cover the charlatans' mistakes and losses, we can only marvel as to how we let it come about.

I am thrilled by this but concerned as to their well being when the nastiness kicks off. They have my blessing and maybe ere long my subs! As they say in the advents, "every little helps". Lord knows we need it!



  1. We are all complicit in this sad tale. The population is complicit as shown by the fact that the majority vote for the party that offers them the benefits of money taken by force of law from the minority. This defines democracy.
    I believe that a hundred years of this has debased the moral worth of the population, more recently accelerated by deliberate mass immigration of people from primitive cultures for whom the rule of law and Christian values are of no account. Our native culture is based on thirteen centuries of Christianity. Now we see, wherever we look around us, criminality, ruination of the family and lowered educational standards. Those who speak up about this are abused and mocked, and our elected representatives all join in the destruction.

  2. Oh NO, please don't say PROBABLE re-election, OR. I surely hope good American's have woken up by now.
    Unless the election is fixed, rigged, and stolen, which is a distinct probability. BUT, we can't give up and say that the scum's continuing is probable, it will discourage people. If he is, we all are DOOMED!

    But I don't discount that the bum will suspend elections due to the race war he's stirring up, declaring martial law and installing himself as dick-tator for life.
    Either way, it SUCKS!

  3. Seer, a fellow, like minded comment, thank you.
    AB, my humble apologies for any alarm. Sadly I do believe a fixed and rigged election is on the cards. Look at this wretched EU, Greece and Italy for starters.
    Still we can keep the flame flickering, can't we?

  4. "Now we live in an environment tantamount to dictatorship"

    Of this there can be no doubt.

    What the Western civilization (loosely termed) has is a dictatorship wearing a burka.

    No matter what happens, be it this to continue unabated or all out war in all of the West being free people fighting our respective governments, future generations will be f_cked for sometime to come.

    Those scenarios are due to abject apathy.

  5. Christopher, I suspect it's all about the fall of the "Western Empire". Good while it lasted!