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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Posted Under The Label Of Drivel.

How The Boy Has become A Clone Of Snotty.

Like Snot Gobbler Brown, The Boy flounders in Number 10. His boyhood ambition to be Prime Minister achieved, he never understood that you are only the public face of an affectatious bunch of Mandarin Goons, long sold out to the careers beckoning in Brussels.

All of these moronic clones still believe that their PR machines and image makers are all that is necessary to be lauded as supreme. Unfortunately the inadequate, infantile nature of the modern political careerist was highlighted by that disastrous performance with Obummer, just a few days ago.

Now, this very morning, comes yet another wheeze from the Blackberries of the kids on the block in Downing Street. A statement as to where your extorted taxes go. Well identified here.  I wish to make additional observations with regard to the tax theft as a whole.

This paper starts the discussion rolling. The most significant point being stated early on is that income tax raises but circa 25% of Government revenue. So telling us all where that goes is a pure sleight of hand to take our eyes away from the plundering mess elsewhere. These kids are pathetic but still cunning sods.

Not that easy to track down but here's a neat  paper from the same IFS source.  Government income is given here as £588.6 BILLION! Some 38.1% of our gross domestic product swallowed up. To add insult to injury the 0.3% in every VAT pound raised goes to Brussels. This of course will rise long before you know it. As Baroness Ashton Crone insists, however, you are not to be informed. Why this overpaid inadequate gets to make such edicts is beyond me.

Nevertheless my point is made neatly by the former but now Baroness, Mrs Kellner. That this scam to tell us all where our PAYE is wasted is but a subterfuge to disguise the true scale of the bureaucratic "great train robbery", violent, extraction of the fruits of our labour. The servicing of decades of Government profligacy, that has so indebted us as a nation, is a juggernaut that tomorrow will be spoken of in reverential tones. 

The foolish, plaintive nature of the puny efforts to appear in control,  as considered yesterday,  will be challenged stridently by the even more pathetic Labour hypocrites. The very architects of our laid waste society, gerrymandered into an unsustainable burden of jobless and homeless hordes. The media will lavish acres of trees dissecting the emperor's latest wardrobe, all the while believing that none of us will see the furious tailoring as nought but flapping hands around a non existent, invisible garment.

I've no idea how much this detailed "statement" of expenditure will cost. All  can say is that you and I will pay the bill, as ever. A few pence on alcohol, a massive double tax on fuel, as the duty neatly attracts extra VAT. That scandal continues totally overlooked by the general public. We pay tax on tax!

That last point is most interesting. You have paid tax at 20% basic on your income. You buy petrol and pay duty on top. On that element of duty you pay VAT. How daft is that? You see how this HMRC statement of where your PAYE is spent is just a ruse. It will probably be very successful and hide all the other increases dumped in our laps. Just you see!

One popular measure of the load we are forced to carry is that point in the year we have paid our dues from our income. Tax freedom day. Now what's the difference here between slavery and freedom? We shall be informed tomorrow!


  1. He is snot # 2. What a disappointment.

    I turned on the early news out here and saw they were showing the Queen's Diamond J.

    There they all were, lined up in the front row, with stupid expressions on their faces, snotty, b.liar, further down the front row millitard and cam a moron. Too bad there wasn't an earthquake in the front row, and the whole lot of the nit wits swallowed up, never to be seen or heard from again.

    Depressing times. At least today is IL voting primary day, and If I can bypass the thugs standing guard at the polling place, I'll be doing my duty to vote out every demotard I can by getting the opposite ballot.

  2. Oh, don't be too hard on him, OR. He was born to rule!

  3. The amount of tax taken by the government will be irrelevant once the UK goes cashless, then they will take what ever they deem necessary and pass on the remainder to us in the form of credits.
    The first step will be the charging, by the big banks, for using the ATMs a move heralded in most national newspapers today.
    BTW, Sweden went cashless today.

  4. A lot of money can be saved if only we try harder. My scheme is for all our joint incomes to be transferred to the government. If then we abolish the civil service and HMRC a slimmed down body can assign back to each of us what the government thinks we should have, after taking out what the political class need for expenses, salaries, pensions , entertainment fact finding trips, bar and restaurant subsidied and necessary provision for their sinecures and associates' reimbursements.

  5. Hi, AB, what a line up, indeed! Michael, born to rule my arse! Anon, that'll be f**k all then? Bunnywunny, hello, ditto.