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Friday, 9 March 2012

Pol Pot or UK Government?

Choice No Longer An Option.

This latest EU underwritten madness has parallels with the deranged blood lust of Pol Pot. As the UK's tri-partite Government embraces all that is seen as perfect, in a EUSSR totalitarian rule, nothing any longer resembles the Britain that was.

Comparing Merkel with Hitler has been, with good reason, fashionable. Yet a more recent comparison can be made with the draconian and ever growing passion for paranoia, in the ruling corridors of incompetent evil that is Brussels and their subordinate, slavish federal States.

The camouflaged ruses such as "anti-terrorism" laws are nothing more than an American-EU strategy to corral those with any ability to recognise and despise those who would govern only in their own, despicable tyranny.

Here lies the connection to Pol Pot. Most protest in the modern age is able to resonate over a wider sensitivity, via the internet. However those who engage in electronic debate and try to counter despotic regimes, need literary skills, passion for fairness and an educated mind.

Such "middle-class" attributes, enabling avid absorption of the pig swill that passes for Government, corporatism and corruption, are the very ones Pol Pot considered dangerous to his desire for total control of the masses. So, in the guise of "anti-terrorism" the American Pol Pot activists in power have united with their junior partners in Europe to follow, at least metaphorically, so far, Pol Pot.

Naturally, within countries there are separate factions. In Libya we learn of an autonomous desire not to become a colony of American oil interests, for example. In Europe the watering down of indigenous populations is well advanced, as a further strategy for control through divide and conquer.

So the attacks, subtle or brutal, on our historic freedoms will continue apace. The weapons of choice draconian legislation and the destruction of personal wealth. The days of collective voices uniting in condemnation of the maniacs in control will be snuffed out. The days of couch potato hordes will end in forced labour camps and Eloys trudging round and round factories making shrouds. 

It would seem the World is hell bent on a path to hell which will make Pol Pot seem an amateur by comparison! Watching Cameron morphing into Snotty is one of the few mildly interesting facets of this dreadful march to the future killing fields. Bear in mind one such area is already well ahead of us. Naturally we also get to fund it all on our way  to the promised land being made ready for us and our children.


  1. I clicked on your side panel for Tip Of The Iceberg. It is very disturbing and scary. I wonder why no main news organisation devoted a single second to this awful march, but then again I can guess the reasons. Supplication to these people views and fear of their rage if they report it for what it is.

  2. Thank you for dropping by, Anon. That clip is superb and shames what passes for our media.

  3. I doubt if the baddies would use easily traced e mails and log onto their own ISP's etc
    They probably just piggy back onto unsecured broadband connections or use mobiles once then throw the sim card away etc.
    So we will just have rooms full of computers storing all of our inate ramblings lol At our expense of course. The costs will be passed onto us to maintain the healthy profits of the multi nationals and their shareholders.

  4. You are spot on Winston. Just one big corporate marketing library of behaviour.

  5. I guess this e-mail & internet thingie is the same proposal that my faux-CONservative MP said was totally unacceptable when Labour proposed it when they were in Government.
    This will not end until we, the Great British Public, start to rise-up and say NO BLOODY MORE.
    Is one of the reasons our armed forces are in Afghanistan that they can practice counter-insurgency, ready to quell violent unrest at home? I hope to God not, but I do wonder. And tremble. Everyone I talk to who has a view on the way the country is going, and I speak to folks from a wide range of backgrounds, is utterly fed up with the direction in which the nation is being governed. Seemingly unlimited immigration, criminal "justice" giving more "rights" and respect to the guilty than to their victims, corporate greed, official indifference and incompetence. It stinks. The few are getting much, much richer at our expense, whilst a political "class" in their Westminster bubble, protected by spin, know nothing of the hardship they are inflicting and the enterprise and creativity of the British people they are stifling.

  6. BP, I've just finished my post for today and then checked my comments for yesterday. Spooky similarities! Many thanks.