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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Out Of Date For US.

Important For Them.

The picture and this post set the mood for my own Sunday offering. Before I get into the negative aspects, I would like to mention some positives. Despite the pathetic ponzi scams of the EU and their less than honest banking and political manoeuvrings, we are slowly entering a more positive economic cycle.

People still have to try and eat, buy stuff, drive cars and generally try to make life relatively bearable. Several countries (states) of Europe are in election mode. Even the UK and next week's budget will have a wary eye on 2015. The "Conservatives" and their cuckoos from the LibDims will have learnt from their ghastly friends in the political wing of the Union movement, Labour, that bribery and gerrymandering are useful tools in retaining a grip on power.

So, for a short while, we can expect a little improvement in our lot and a financial period of apparent hope for better things. Unfortunately it will be short lived. The insurmountable debt mountain created by The EU will do for all of us except those most responsible and part of the machinery of cartel rule, that is the political party.

In the piece linked from Autonomous Mind, about Carswell, is the exact point of my piece today. Here I have a confession to make. I was a tribal Conservative supporter. I truly believed that the philosophy of self supporting, albeit caring, personal responsibility for ones own life and fortune was how we human beings should live. I used to believe that those politicians who went into politics flying the Conservative flag were those most decent and understanding of the needs of coexistence and wealth creation.

Well, that was a few years ago. As the EU grip has tightened on the careers of all our political aspirants and head honchos, so the differences, honesty and common sense features of all of them have disappeared. Throughout Western politics we now have a pathetic collection of little people all singing, albeit with differing levels of awfulness, from the same hymn sheet. Sarah Palin quietly murdered politically. Sadly as will Farage be, probably.

As AM says of the likes of Carswell, their deluded sense of dining at the top table prevents any real interest in those they pretend to serve as representatives. Apart from the EU club, to which they, to a man and woman, are all signed up to, we also witness their disdain for the electorate and the health of The Country. Each Party is identical today. In Government and power, scarily dictatorial in their common purpose.

Sure, Conservative administrations tend to have a marginally better grasp of competency in management. Thereafter the mistakes and uselessness of the last lot continue unabated. Apart from pursuing the lost cause that is the tragedy of the Afghan conflict, we witness such as this woeful gay "marriage" debacle. A referendum on that would soon highlight how democratic majority is no longer an option, in party politics.

Immigration, capital punishment, overseas aid, wasteful war and arrogant World Stage posturing would all struggle to pass a litmus test of genuine public opinion. The cosy bar room and Westminster bubble festivals, the banqueting and the behind the scenes camaraderie, is the real state of our career politicians' life styles. Cross Party meetings to protect this club and its secret world of selfish deal making and unholy alliances, is the team playing we are prevented from observing. We are treated to such as the Obummer, Boy Dave gross love fest last week, of course. How edifying was that "cross party" tonguing action? Ironic how Bliar adored his natural political adversary, GW  and now The Boy's Democrat adoration! Lot of grooming gone on there.

Part of this whole structure is the back scratching manipulation of the public via the media, interested business and gangster desire to join with these attitudes and structures of debased power. Regardless of the rosette colours, the procedures for our subjugation are identical. 

Since we are unable to join them we need to ape their methods through the creation of an alternative movement, able to sweep away this cabal of three party dominance. I suggest there is only one pressing issue that might make an alternative option available. 

This is The EU. Here we are at war with an elite every bit as powerful as The Nazi blitzkrieg offensives at the start of the Second World War. They were defeated by a sense of joint, morally superior actions and more importantly the collective will to stop the enemy and its passion for an Empire ruled with fear and tyranny. All sounds very familiar.We need a movement, not a party, to stop this drive towards totalitarianism. 

I only know of one that is possibly more a movement than a party. As such. I see little else having  a chance of rescuing freedom and sovereignty. One thing is for sure, the coming short respite from the recessionary depression, we are suffering today, will be the last chance to wreck the Westminster, Whitehall and Brussels unholy alliances and the party representatives they have morphed into one. 

Osborne and Balls are quite possibly enjoying a post Marr luncheon as I blog. One, naturally, far beyond the gaze of we little people. Publicly, totally different, whilst in private sharing the same personal wealth opportunities and elevated existences their partnership in deceit allows them to enjoy. We sure as heck need change.


  1. "Each Party is identical today"
    Very true the Liebour party in 1997 became the Tory Party now the Tory Party 'champions of gay rights' has become the Liebour party.

  2. All taking us to hell in a hand cart, Anon.