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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The new World Order Back On Track.

Here Comes Another Confidence Trick!

Chutzpah because we can we will! One stumbling block for any war lords is their ability to pay for more troops than their perceived enemies. Nothing changes. Financial control is the key to dictatorship, enslavement and absolute power. Now I'm never sure if the shadowy figures pulling the strings of the Troika, comprising political, corporate and gangster elements, have overall strategies. Yet right now the theft of savings and pension funds appears to continue to loom large. 

Of all the structures of commercial and monetary edifices, the once sacrosanct pension funds, though riddled with corporate rip offs , still held vast sums in the names of ordinary, thrifty people. This money, until recently, not least Snotty Brown's despicable raid in 1997, was coveted by the spendthrift and careless Government  war mongers.

This very day, no doubt, The Boy is snogging with Obummer and spending money long gone. That is, determining how and where to grab loot for their next military adventure. An exercise desperately needed to bolster their flagging reputations and lust to assuage the arms industries'  ever fomenting clamerous greed.

So, easy peasy, deprive people of pension savings, impoverish them and then draft them into your armies designed to control the whole planet. Problem is there are others looking to do the same. I doubt Putin or Wen are that keen on allying themselves to what has become a Western political culture duplicitous, degrading and evil beyond even communism. At least the latter is identifiable for what it is. The loss of our freedom is much harder to focus on as it dances its ghastly performance of carnage home and abroad.

Still, The Taliban, for all their strict misogynistic culture, are able to dish out a bloody nose to our megalomaniacs. It would be better if we did that for ourselves. No chance, too much soporific TV to watch and who needs savings and a pension to do that? Pass the chamber pot. Nero fiddled, we watch telly!


  1. Soon, no one will have a pot to pass nor in which to piss.

  2. "Still, The Taliban, for all their strict misogynistic culture, are able to dish out a bloody nose to our megalomaniacs."

    Obviously, we're no fans of the Taliban, but our idiot leaders should have realized that the Taliban wouldn't just lie down and take it.

  3. The New World Order is an American program. I say do not lead or follow the tide of globalism. As an isolationist; i say the rest of the world is not worth it. If everyone else was jumping off a bridge, would you?

  4. Isn't it sickening, the two twats are off at a basketball game laughing like loons and stuffing their lying mugs with hot dogs! Google the pics, and Drudge had a good one.

    This can't end well! At least some folks will make funny photo shops out of the piccy's no doubt ;-)

  5. Anon, comes with age! Exactly, Michael. Mr Mcgranor, I like to try and go in the opposite direction and also favour a degree of isolationism, ergo stop interfering for greed and control.
    CB Book Tech, on the very day we're told red meat and burgers, plus processed muck is killing us early, these two act as a pair of product placement goons for that very poisonous rubbish!

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