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Monday, 19 March 2012

If You Thought Western Capitalism Could Last Forever.

Think Again.

Oldrightie and his precious one enjoyed a superb evening last Friday with dear friends and neighbours from a nearby village. As is our wont the daily, ongoing state of current affairs was talked off in quite excellent surroundings. Food and bibage were only surpassed by the quality of at least three present at this table! I'm sure they would kindly argue four, well two might!

This morning I stumble across some of the numbers, which show clearly how such evenings are likely to be denied most future generations. How the decline of our already failing culture will pan out over the years is not easy to foretell. Only that the mathematics tell us the inevitability. All of these numbers show, more than war, famine, natural disasters or disease, the failure of those who would presume power and leadership over our dominion.

It is, as ever, (my favourite phrase from one of our dining companions), history repeating itself. The arrogance of the narcissism, epitomised in the ghastliness of men such as Mandleson, is the catalyst which drives cultural and economic dominance eventually to ruin.

So, the numbers, beautifully explained here.  From this post I use this "Obligations are things we've promised to do, smiling in in the knowledge that we’ll be long-dead when someone says, “Hello…I have this promissory note here….hello?….hello?” . The significant factor is the disdain for what follows their departure from the front line of responsibility and eventual demise, surrounded by luxury, at the expense of the continual decline of living standards bequeathed the younger generations.

When we endeavour to imagine what $81 trillion dollars of debt means we cannot.We are incapable of imaging such sums just as most people no longer feel able to imagine anything exists they cannot touch with their hands. So when we think hopelessly of such things as legacy, we need to switch off. Only the very, presently wealthy, can even hope to hand down comfort and riches to their families.

Those of us hoping in vain to leave a better, fairer world, for future generations, have long lost that goal. My oft railed at and hated Troika of political, corporate and gangster cartels have managed to squander our potential for a better world with their obsession for immediate satiation of their own greed. Be it for power, assuaging of superiority complexes or little man syndrome, they sure have blown it.

The instruments of their debt are very obvious. Arms races, territorial and economically motivated wars, bribery and corruption, all dressed up in an honourable cloth of sainthood laundered a brilliant white by the agents of the media. None of it really matters. So impoverished are the millions of people, on whom the cretinous and naked, would be Emperors, demand their garb, not even they can provide the interest payments for the future "obligations".

If only the reality of this mess could be felt now, rather than long into the future. Albeit the day of reckoning may well burn my generation as we reach a dotage likely to be stalked by predators wanting our beds! part of me feels it is all our fault. None of us are innocent. We were just obeying orders, weren't we?

However we did apply our efforts to working hard, saving, doing our "duty" and trusting our votes to people we expected to serve us well. Sadly, the quality of our post war leaders were lacking any understanding of the future costs of their hubris. There came a tipping point when the purchase of consciences and the loss of the necessary trust between rulers and those governed arrived.

It need not have been a political philosophy of one kind or another but it was most likely to have been heavily founded on that ridiculous socialist principle and dogma that somehow we are all the same. However that tipping point, the loss of trust and the deception beloved of Whitehall, came to its pinnacle. It was 1997. Thereafter we raced to 9/11. Possibly the most successful economic, nuclear attack ever to take place.

The acceleration of the trillions of wasted bullion became unstoppable and now we have solid evidence of what Armageddon looks like. A big, black bottomless pit of debt! Perhaps some of those in power might care to say sorry, as the lights go out! Mind you, when one dream dies often another takes its place, so maybe hope really does spring eternal!


  1. Thank God I don't have children.


  2. Soon we will have been ethnically cleansed by all the foreigners allowed into the country by both Liebour & Tories. It will be too late then for the British people to realize they have been voting for criminals for the last 20 years.

  3. I see your point, Anon.
    Get Smart, criminal is an adjective politicians seem so comfortable with today, almost proud or being so.

  4. That post has strangely given me hope. There's a light that never goes out.

  5. Smiths Fan, that light is surely the indomitable spirit within all of us with a sense of consideration for others.