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Monday, 26 March 2012

I Wonder What It Will Be?

That Finally Ignites The Public.

Demetrius  picked up on the excellent Raedwald  piece today, about tuberculosis. One factor in this imported threat to us all and a further example of "keeping our streets safe, is that the virulence of this once eradicated, highly infectious disease does not differentiate as to whom gets infected. "Consumption", one of the names attributed to the illness in the past new few barriers. Hygiene not a priority in earlier centuries and a factor declining in our modern, multi-cultural world of today.

It would be ironic if, in years to come, London falls prey to such a disease and urban flight take on a more important necessity! Indeed if one were to witness a decimation of Westminster and Whitehall corridors through such an event it might even prove our salvation.

However we might also witness, even in my lifetime, such a tax and climate levy as to make the burgeoning hardships already present, pale into insignificance.Will or would such a tipping point arrive? It may be closer than we think. Next time the queues may not be just outside Northern Rock.

Much depends on the stealth applied by the political classes to continue their unholy machinations. Already the UN is an arm of the New World Order and party to draconian instigation such as this terrible initiative. One of many as you will discover if you follow the link. You need a strong stomach if you care for freedom.

Obummers direction in the USA is an impatient furtherance of  similar goals. possibly he's on board to secure membership of the eventual Global Cabinet for presently estranged Islamic representatives. In this he is very much aided and abetted by The Boy and by The EU hierarchy. Yet if these ambitions were suddenly to  resonate with populations denied access to energy, food and expected comforts, might that break the cycle of laissez faire?

The massive cost of oil is compounded horrendously by the imposition of climate change idiocy. Surely, one day, this continual deprivation of freedoms and common sense governance must penetrate even the trailer trash parks and run down Labour controlled heartlands? Of course unless we can have a political movement worthy of representing us all across the socio-economic divide, the plotting and scheming will continue unchallenged, will it not?

After all, the Greeks have been royally shafted by all of the suspects mentioned. Those people have attempted to express their feelings and disgust at their crooked and corrupt elite. The result to date is NWO ten, people nil. As seen in Athens and that blighted nation this very day. So Orwellian.

So, will it implode? Will something cause this slow descent into a black, miserable future for most, continue unopposed? History tends to say not. Dynasties and Empires do come and go. Unfortunately it's the yawning gaps in between that are hard to determine. It would be delicious if a plague developed that affected fatally those who would rule over us without our consent!


  1. We need aliens to invade to sort this mess out. It's our only hope.

  2. Isn't it alien beings that are in politics already, Michael?