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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The Human Cost.

Of World Government.

Note here the Government line. "May have been the result of a head injury!". It is automatic in the modern age to regard any political statement from wherever it stems as untrue, PR or plain evil. Where Chinese totalitarianism goes it's virtually a given.

I find the subterfuge of Western politics fascinating but dreadful. The likes of Cameron with his legion of failed manifesto and other promises, kow tows privately with despotic rulers, backs evil rebellions which just match the Buggin's turn dictatorships of the tribal Middle East and looks as always to seek the most lucrative causes.

Behind the scenes the machinations and secret ambitions run their inevitable march towards a Global State. Those involved see the future as one regimented and ordered to their desired model. A few hundred thousand insiders ruling unopposed the hearts and minds, indeed the souls, of billions of human beings. A big irony is their model is very much that of China.

Now there is a major problem for these Bilderbergers. The Human spirit. China bought off, for the time being, their billion strong population by widening the superior groupings through wealth and commerce, partly designed round the Western, TV infiltrated, capitalism and perceived freedoms. Note the word perceived. In the Sino mix is the violent suppression of the Tibetan people and their Nationhood.

The freedoms once associated with a post war Europe were at first lauded. Slowly the rebellious nature of returning troops to their class ridden and hereditary wealth dominated lands, such as The UK, was seen as and indeed was a subversive movement. One which swept the Socialists to power. In America the black regiments also realised that their sacrifices and travels had shown a different way for them to exist and be treated.

Now all this upsetting of the previously accepted order of things riled those who would rule over us. People power did seem to gain momentum and a brave new world seemed achievable. An illusion, of course. All that happened was a retrenchment of those coming out of the carnage of two world wars. The people whose wealth was multiplied many times over as the  the maxim gun syndrome reaped its historic rewards.

Nevertheless, changes were necessary to quell the suspicious rumblings of the bereaved and disadvantaged. Thus the Bilderberger Global vision was born. Rather than look to fight localised forest fires, why not allow conflagration worldwide with one single fire-break? That ditch dug by those in the know. 

From the upwind side, protected from the inferno, the few could count their ill gotten wealth and watch the other poor souls beg to be allowed across at any price. Is not this what we are witnessing today? Was it, is it part of a master plan? Or just fortuitous and accidental. It's rather late to ponder if the flames are licking round your ankles. 

Yet, just for a moment stretch the metaphor. What if the masses turned towards the flames? Marched through to the opposite side, taking what they could drag through. If the billions left the handful behind them then suddenly there is a firewall for the masses! Tribes and National identities could be reforged but genuinely united. The Human spirit will have condemned the despots to rot in there minuscule Empire, devoid of labour and the wealth only endeavour can create.

As I smile wryly I awake with a start. Still it was a nice dream while it lasted. In my dream I was planning a trip to a free Tibet!


  1. The NWO has been quick to cotton on that ALL these politicians [We work for you] can be bought off. A good example would be Maldelson started out as a TV producer now after several years in politics he's a multimillionaire. Just read on the news Iceland is getting £130 million from the EU.Don't they owe the UK money so why would you give money to someone who owes you money....madness its a bribe to join the EU.

  2. GS, it's amazing how these cretins are now buying themselves off with borrowed/printed paper!