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Thursday, 1 March 2012

The Hidden Costs Of EU Hot Air.

Don't Fly Me!

Fuk Yu  may well not be a Chinese phrase but in this instance it might very well be! I consider this situation as having several facets of interest. It links the climate, AGW scams and their hidden New World Order tactics and also the sheer stupidity of those who would rule the World.

Autonomous Mind is pursuing a fascinating line in these regards. He argues, convincingly, that the "climate" agenda is just one of many vehicles the wealthy "Oldrightie Troika" of corporate, political and gangster parties collude in to produce food, commodities and wealth manipulation for the benefit of a clique and the disadvantage of the Eloys or masses.

However this A380 cancellation threat by China is a curve ball. It hits the Troika in the wallet and also politically. It would also hurt the gangsters in Brussels and elsewhere, with their undoubted bungs, for such a huge deal, put at risk . Of course the order might well then be switched to Boeing's advanced 747 derivatives aimed at competing with the A380 on operating costs.

Herein lies a conundrum. As with personal relationships, the NWO is inevitably likely to collapse from within, as succeed. Particularly when suddenly there is a major clash of interests between the various parties. Ironically the World Order being sought is not dissimilar to the totalitarian capitalist model of China! 

So despite my pessimism, shared by many, that this NWO and the EU despotic rise are worrying, perhaps my own measure of scale comes to our rescue. China is not a guaranteed dictatorship forever. Ergo, we may succumb to the Troika's onslaught and suffer decades of slavery but the spirit will never die. They will fall out amongst themselves. Some will feel superior to others and the grip of a central elite crumble.

So, it may be CO2 and airline orders today, tomorrow derelict, empty buildings in a ruined city in Belgium. We can but live in hope! For the moment this NWO, Bilderberger ambition looks rather ragged and that's no bad thing.


  1. Money is the only thing these bastards understand, and it would be most amusing if the threat of a major trade war was the undoing of the EU's lunatic de-carbonisation agenda...

  2. Would't it be just delicious, MD?

  3. 'Fuk Yu' - wasn't he "the Chinese Laundryman" in Leslie Thomas's hilarious The Virgin Soldiers?

  4. Hi, Joe, yes, I think you're right!

  5. You will like this video OR.

  6. Excellent, the more the merrier OR :)