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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Here We Go Again.

10,000 Reasons Why We Are Never Heard.

Many bloggers, myself included, despair of the seemingly meek and wimpish behaviour of our fellow citizens. We rarely stop to consider their manipulation and gullibility that is so dreadfully exploited by those who would be kings.. Nearly always, the cases of voting and in particular Labour's deliberate creation of the postal ballot, user friendly scam, are in Asian populated concentrations. Or if you prefer the vernacular of modern politics, "communities".

Bradford West is "voting" today. This predominantly Asian outpost of the third world will be no stranger to the ease with which votes can be purchased or coerced. It is reported that 10000 postal votes have been received. That's 54% of the previous incumbent's total and a whopping 68% of the nearest opponent;   Marsha Singh , Labour, 18401.  Zahid Iqbal, Con.12640. It is circa 25% of the last GE voting turnout.

Naturally we have to consider the imbecility of many of our erstwhile peers as a factor in turning voters away from change or of an interest in those purported to be running our lives. Not least that pillock, Maude, advising turning every home into a lethal petrol bomb. So much for keeping our streets safe!

However this diatribe today is about the seemingly hopeless cause when faced with the bare faced corruption and fraud dominating politics today. The West was swift to pour critical ire on Putin's electoral, possible shenanigans, whilst blithely ignoring the UK's burgeoning industry in postal studies!

Of course all this is child's play. If you are part of the EU monolith then elections are for the outsiders. The EU Commission and its political front men and women are not enamoured of and therefore happily dismiss any need for genuine elections. Mind you, we know full well that where inconvenient referenda results occur they get quickly altered, with or without postal votes.

So there you have it. It's not just sheeple being sheepish, it's also subterfuge, outright lies and propaganda. That's just the BBC and MSM, for starters! This report on last Summer's riots goes down exactly that path. For all the constituent causes highlighted and despite decades of positive discrimination, ( by logic, negative to whites, of course) the real facts remain unspoken. Too many immigrants for the support services and society to absorb. Yet further evidence of the fraudulent policies of the powerful, very much at the expense of the endemic as well as immigrant populations.

In summary, fraud suits the perpetrators and can last for decades. Yet one day such behaviour has a reckoning. That day is very close at hand but will damage all of us even more. Well done the establishment. This time you may find it harder to escape the consequences of your hubris and arrogance when the rioting spreads into The Cotswolds! Possibly Stow- on- the-Wold the new Athens or Cairo, perhaps?


  1. They wont speak up because they hope the fiddle will work for them. Very soon all these clowns will learn a very sorry lesson that soon 'they' wont need the Liebour party or the Tory party. I think that was proved in the Bangladeshi province of Tower Hamlets when Liebour took the whip from their candidate but he won as an Independent by postal votes of course. I sometimes wonder why people dont realize how much these crooks in office have betrayed the British people since Heaths time.

  2. Morning, GS. I guess popcorn sales are about to soar!