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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Good Day To All Dropping By!

Far From The Madding Crowd.

This morning's stiffness gave evidence to the first major spring gardening day yesterday. Those of you kind enough to say how much you enjoy Mrs OR's gardening talents would be proud of this old wotsits first big outdoor effort of the Spring. Machinery serviced, mower blades sharpened and a massive winter arborist  effort completed. So the work towards the late Spring and Summer blossoming relatively on schedule.

It is also great therapy. The stupidity of the Westminster goons. Their love in before the TV cameras yesterday was in such stark contrast to the sad return of those soldiers whose lives have been sacrificed at the altar of their incompetence. This garden is dedicated to cancer charities and the public NGS open days a tribute to all those who really care for others.

However, when far from the madding crowd there is often cause and time for contemplative reflection. Much of mine, as I worked outdoors in bright, warm sunshine, was about those returning dead and wounded from a conflict far from the minds of those gathered to flaunt their perceived greatness, yesterday.

So self-obsessed were they all they failed to understand that her Maj referred to all of their past and present self appointed leaders as loonies in need of therapy. Spot on, Your Betterness!

So, today will be spent on other things. Exercise, a pint in the local afterwards and then a musical evening to follow. Tomorrow, back into the sanctuary that is gardening. A time of communing with nature, helping Mrs OR and preparing for a summer of more glorious colour and beauty, to match the eight years gone before. 

Furthermore a time to think of how "Growing old is a privilege denied to many". The stiffness, aches and pains are badges of such privilege. A reminder of those who have sacrificed their lives so that we can carry on ours. Sadly the real enemy of  today sits in Westminster, colluding with their masters in Brussels. These are the targets we miss, whilst the innocent diversions of pointless wars suffer even greater losses at the hands of  those who pretend to power.

Still, out in the garden there is some relief from the awfulness of our Global, manipulated problems. May I wish all who would escape "The madding crowd" the best of times in doing so. Heaven only knows we need it!



  1. Another lovely post, conjuring up tranquil images of you and Mrs OR tending your garden. Enjoy your break, you deserve it :)

  2. I was gonna mow the lawn today OR until I opened the shed door and saw that in front of the mower were 4 bikes, 6 folding garden chairs,a garden umbrella, a fish tank , various empty boxes ,a jet washer and other assorted tools and things. I'll let the wife do it.
    Enjoy your garden it looks lovely.


  3. I just love your garden OR and well done for opening it up for charity. Where's you gorgeous doggy, he usually appears somewhere? I remember you posted some beautiful picures last year. Spring is my favourite season, I love all the buds appearing on the trees, the flowers starting to show their face and the sound of the birds after a miserable winter. The only down side is you have to start mowing the darn lawn.
    Good post by the way.

  4. Thank you sincerely, GV.

    Likewise ArtCo, get tidying!

    Ann, again thank you. I hope to do a 2012 montage for Mrs OR later this year.