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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Generally Not Difficult.

Finding A Blog Post Subject.


It really is a mad world. Brown people want to be pink, pink brown. Big chested women wish to be small breasted, some want to be huge. News media wish to be news makers, the weak strong, the powerful, normal. Most times, if we believe the commercial and political hype, none of us are as we ought to be.

Yet the very blanket of control, being drawn slowly over our heads goes unnoticed. Whilst The Middle East nations are seeking to throw off the stifling duvet of corruption and control, we in the West, the EU and USA seem happy to question our daily existence, wants and dreams, whilst happily letting the control freaks continue their unsavoury "kettling". 

Indeed, only yesterday it was quietly mentioned that forcing people into a group and corralling them without food, water, shelter or even toilet facilities, is not against human rights! This slavish Court to the Central Polit Buro that is the EU Commission, the EHCR, made this ruling in what can only be described as an influenced tug of the forelock by judges not fit to sit on any bench worthy of consideration. Yet we blithely accept this ruling and the police, in particular the burgeoning EGF, are thrilled at these draconian powers are now "de rigeur". Not least as the EGF patiently waits for the many thousands of reinforcements promised them from Turkey.

In our sleepwalking, placid acceptance of all that's round the corner to force us into conformity, if necessary at the wrong end of a baton or poison gas canister, we still seem happy to swallow the junk food, the gut rotting cola and the daily diet of deception and lies so beloved of Corporate Government. If we really wished to be different shouldn't we be showing it? Sadly, the masses are too drugged with soap bubbles and celebrity icons to care. They will, one day, when choices and individuality becomes akin to the concentration degradation so fondly created by The Nazi powers in the last century. 

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  1. There will always be more people being "kettled" than there are "kettlers", if the "kettled" don't want to be "kettled" they know what to do, they can stay at home or fight.

  2. I agree Anon. However one issue is that many people caught up in this incarceration were not demonstrators but caught up in the melee. Ergo, there rights were completely ignored.
    As for pushing back against the police tazers, poison gas and clubs, not easy. Particularly when they are EU forces!