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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Fingers Down Throat.

What A Performance.

I am unable, easily, to think of anyone in politics today for whom I have any respect. One mega exception is Burma's San Soo Chee. The Dalai Lama another. Like I said it's not easy. So to observe this Cameroon love in in the USA is a ghastly spectacle to witness.

There are up sides.The BBC's loathing for all things non-leftie is compromised by this relationship by their adoration of Obummer. Naturally the caveats are legion. This is a full blown, "Gone With The Wind " affair. Significant promotional material, sharing of billion dollar toys such as Air Force One and no doubt banquets galore.

Mind you, its still all on borrowed money and credit card shuffling. What a carry on. half the World's people destitute, war and famine and a programme of New World, One World Government lumbers on. Sadly the joke, as ever, is on us. Grin and mock as we might, in reality it just beggars belief how these people live, totally unaware of the rest of us. Except when votes need purchasing and the incumbents desperate to stay in the lucrative spotlights. A stage where their strings are gently pulled compared to the noose we would like to witness round their necks!


  1. What were they thinking of?! In front of a photographer like that!

  2. Pleeeeeese tell me that's a Photoshop??

    I feel sick...

  3. Such passion, Michael. MD, I understand The Boy thought it was his beloved Rebekah.

  4. Strange I was only thinking today how many people are alive in the UK today because Harold Wilson refused to send UK troops to fight in Vietnam. Im looking at the pictures in the Mail of that fool Cameron in the US, they just make me sick I want a Prime Minister that tells the Yanks to get stuffed. We are having our citizens extradited every other day but its all a one way agreement.

  5. GS, in many respects I agree with your anti-American sentiment. However my feelings are that we can get on with all decent people from wherever. Iran, Afghanistan, China, anywhere. Sadly the people who get into power are shits and they're the ones I loathe.

  6. OMG, wtf????

    PLEASE tell me that this is a photo shop, it is just TOO GROSS to contemplate. I hope cam-amoron is deloused before going back to UK.

    PS: Bunni here