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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Fear Is Spreading.

The Evidence Is There!

Thomas Jefferson  “A government afraid of its citizens is a Democracy. Citizens afraid of government is tyranny!” 

Sarkozy got a taste of his Greek mates in Athens. They also afraid to meet face to face with  the people. This beautiful statement also points out the logic of numbers. In military terms something that usually wins in the end. There are demonstrations in Spain, Italy, Greece and even in Brussels. Imagine if the PM had dared leave the building just then! Slowly the real enemy, the unelected EU, are being found out.

They still have their armoury of borrowed and printed money but all they are doing is lurching from one crisis to another. Each time they leave a few more millions to clean up, using penury as mops. The cretins have their private army but even they might well become stretched, once the conflagration sees where it needs to spread its cleansing flame.

Now we get this excellent snippet from The Slog. Another and rather embarrassing scenario likely to infect the comrades and Gauleiters in Brussels. Another confrontation to throw their printed paper money at, whilst watching their backs at home.

Now we bloggers must keep this all in view. Slowly people will realise that if you want any semblance of truth and understanding, the internet is where it's at. Rather than stare at the bias of the colluding media those sycophants should be as much in the firing line of invective as those crooked political and corporate gangsters.

Naturally we get turncoats. Guido Fawkes, now just inside the "inner circle" and slowly beginning to morph into the very people he fed his success with. That's collateral damage. However, whilst we have mobile phone cameras and the technology to answer back we have a chance. I'll never forget how this changed the playing fields of brutality and is a good illustration of my argument today.

So, lets keep it up as long as we are able. Never forget they are supposed to be scared of us, in a democracy, make it so whenever you are able. Urge the Irish to grow some cojones for a start! Or else face ever growing subjugation such as this.

Updated the 6th of March, nowhere to hide!


  1. I heard talk today about the police being partly privatised. This will only be allowed via an EU edict so that may be the way they're going to get the EU police onto our streets.
    Get people used to seeing a private force rather than the bobby on the beat might be a softening up for the final push to a para military type civil EU police force.
    5 countries are already on board and hitting people in Greece.

  2. Oldrightie, Exactly who are those lot desecrating a Jewish graveyard, and where did this take place?

  3. Ralph. It was Christian graves as well. In Bengahzi Libya. 100 troops killed in WW2 ( Desert rats).
    The NTC in Libya said it was a Salafi splinter group. Usual lies.

  4. OR,

    That comment above is not mine.

    Delete it (and this one) if you wish.



  5. George, that scenario looks very likely. They're going to need a lot of protection when the sheeples run out of cash. Thanks for responding to Ralph, too, George. Ralph, good of you to say hello.

    Cap'n he's improving except for the capitals! I'd like to keep yours however.

  6. Ralph, I picked the vid up from another blogger source. The MoS ran it today, better late than never. Power of blogging, again.

  7. Bravo, OR.

    Although I think that increasingly, we'll have to don wearable recording devices, such as webcams embedded in buttons, sunglasses, caps, etc.

    Ideally, these will be pre-configured to record via 3G to a web-space, in real time, so that if arrested on some trumped up charge, there's a safe copy of it in cyberspace. Perhaps some IT boffin can write a script to auto-proliferate such videos to social networking and video sites so that it goes viral quickly.

  8. George is right and Iv been saying it for years that there will be a EU Police farce. I noticed in several EU countries that the police seem to all look the same wearing combat style uniforms. The German police always were different with a green uniform them they changed. How it will work the only thing on the uniform will be a small badge saying UK or Ireland ect.Then if they have problems in one EU 'country' then will bring in police from outside.
    Has anyone noticed all the anti Putin news on the BBC CNN ect the NWO is targeting his country for takeover with a new leader they will be invited to join the EU.
    No wonder China is increasing defence spending.

  9. Fausty, to use technology for the good of and protection of all would be superb. GS, if only the police and military switched sides and did their job for us, not "them." As for the anti Putin propaganda, love it. Funded by the corrupt and thieving Oligarchs now firmly in the NWO club.
    The West will find Russia and China allied to stop them. Ironic or what?

  10. Yes, Guido has gone a bit funny. Success can be a curse ...

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