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Saturday, 10 March 2012

A Dose Of Reality.

Not An EU Strong Point.

We in Northern Europe are heavily accepting of the control by Governments and their EU machine to ignore reality. However the delusions are peddled so relentlessly that the purveyors of dreamworld believe their own hype.

This gut wrenching puppet of personal gluttony and sycophancy angling  for a seat at the top table, is but one of an army of cretinous imbeciles shepherding, cajoling and bullying us all into a future of poverty and austerity. His biggest ally in the recent past was that mono visioned, literally and philosophically, Snotty I saved The World.

It was and remains Brown's legacy that he persuaded the EU idiots that debt was the way to solve debt. Just borrow and print until the bogeymen of speculators and crooked bankers could manufacture some wriggle room. All of these players so far up their own faecal orifices as to believe their stewardship of our money, savings, labour and hopes and dreams were invincible. 

Yet, as Europe staves off Armageddon for a couple of years longer, or at least until after the US Presidential Election of a new corporate lackey, we should all stop and for just one moment accept its our fault. We have meekly but with selfish relish, embraced the debt fuelled culture. Credit cards, easy borrowing, mortgage extensions. All of this urged on by unscrupulous politicians, we allowed to be re-elected, in order to create an illusion of prosperity and never ending selfish satiation.

Few of us ever asked and still do not question, the stupidity that got us here and most not only long for that freedom of consumerist greed that pervaded our lives but expect the idiots who got us here to return us to the promised land of deluded excess. Now if we look at these very individuals, from the Merkozy pair all the way across the board to that wimp in Number 10 and that Wallace at the helm of the TUC political wing, how can we possibly expect the poverty racing towards us not to be as awful as any disaster in Africa.

Nobody I know has the slightest understanding of the fraudulent manner the EU and its myriad front of house scams, dressed up as an ECB, ESF and heaven knows what other expensive and wasteful quasi bodies, have illegally done to stave off awareness and collapse of delusion. What is obvious is that the USA and their banking mates such as Goldman Sachs, have built a Western financial ponzi scheme rapidly unravelling. 

All this talk of Greece, the eurozone and the colossal mistakes made are just swept to one side. The pain and suffering of the masses is just collateral damage. That includes you and me. We are and will continue to be the dubious beneficiaries of ever declining life styles. Look hard at the picture above. That reflects how despots and crooked leaders allow their Nations' people to exist. 

Here there is no pretence as to the jet set privileges afforded those in power, whilst aid is poured into the Gulfstream factories, diverted from any real assistance for the distressed and dying.  Ask this question. Is it not a fact our own leaders, slowly concentrating on a bunker complex in Brussels, are beginning to divorce themselves from democracy and decency and getting ever more uncaring for the rule of law and the will of their people?

One small example from Greece. Were we to care, be bothered or question what's happening we could rapidly uncover billions of fraudulent losses waived nonchalantly by, if not impacting directly on the comfort of the ghastly elite. The only expeditious elements for the top echelon of this Orwellian project is their own protections. Like all despots they are busy buying up foot soldiers to quell the unrest that will come when the masses get really hungry. Again a small but significant development  proves the argument. How many citizens of this EU are aware of this? Go on, ask your friends, family or neighbours. 

A shrug will be all you get. A shrug likely to mirror the reaction to the murder of any dissidents in the future. A laissez faire response whilst reaching for the, by now, very worn and tatty TV channel changer. Those able still to buy the scarce and expensive electricity.



  1. Just before I read you blog I was reading this...
    Barclays chief Bob Diamond could receive £27million in pay, bonuses, shares and other benefits;
    238 senior staff at Barclays received average bonuses of £1.2million while 386 staff at RBS pocketed £820,000;
    Lloyds and RBS chiefs Antonio Horta-Osorio and Stephen Hester are in line for awards worth up to £8.2million and £7.9million respectively, despite presiding over combined losses of £5.5 billion last year;
    The £27 million is for one year also note tax is for little people not him he gets the poor bank customer and savers to pay his tax bill.
    Now we see the thieving is not called bonus anymore now its 'awards' RBS owned by the taxpayer well the taxpayer will have to wait because these crooks are also dipping into the funds for £8.2 million. How long more are we going to put up with this.

  2. GS, it's a club which rewards its own. Much of these persons' wealth is garnered to the advantage of politicians and mandarins who, post their nefarious time in Westminster, pop over to the club's luxury hotels post tenures.

  3. Here is an interesting link. The plot gets deeper and it would appear that Henry V111 wasn't so stupid after all


  4. This looks like one of obummer's tent cities in detroit.