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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Booze And Government.

Easy To Swallow One, Choking To be Force Dripped The Other.

For almost a decade now we are experiencing life under an unelected Prime Minister. One expected the dreadful, tortured Snot Gobbler to not know any better. I really thought the present, hilariously incompetent charmer might possess a modicum of better sense.

Yet again we are lurching from one piece of momentous stupidity to another. The comedic pleasure is rather hard to swallow when so much death and maiming still continues unabated. Oxford is the latest Police Force to arrest Muslim/Asian gang masters of paedophilia and pornography. Seems this behaviour is perfectly kosher in the Koran.

Then we have the daily reports of gang land violence, stabbings and a tinder box every bit as likely to ignite as it did last year. So tell me this, we are killing and murdering people all over the Globe and told "It's to keep our streets safe"! It seems not the same streets as beloved of the Westminster EU servants and families, is it?

So these self same plonkers decide to punish the poor mongs who yearn to escape all THEIR government administrative, nannying crap, in an excess of drunken revelry. The response of our feral youth is that if booze becomes too expensive they'll supplement their numbness with larger intakes of other drugs. Ones which contribute zilch to the medical requirements or thieving HMRC clutches, to treat the aftermath of such escapism.

When will we ever see again a real leader or proper Government. All I can say is RIP common sense and intelligent leadership. One possibly less influenced by the after party lines of cocaine snorting and sense of smug, in the know, superiority, only relevant after the heady effects of their untaxed habits. Hateful and despicable Cameron and his infantile friends.


  1. Not much to add another great post. I see another drug pushing foreigner is been allowed to remain in the UK as getting kicked out would infringe his human rights to a family life.
    This would have been a Monty Python sketch 20 years ago now the lunatics have taken over the asylum and its real life.

  2. At Covent Garden yesterday we saw "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland". It made a lot more sense.

  3. Thank you D-Rex, Get Smart, likewise, however the lunatics have a powerful grip on all our lives and futures. Demetrius, aren't you being a touch unkind to Alice? Not a "lot more" but totally more sense.

  4. So true, OR. Common sense is gone. Proper Gov'ts are a thing of the past. This is happening all over the world, esp. in our countries. And, if things aren't bad enough, they will fabricate things to make them even worse. It's as if they WANT everything to go up!
    Lord help us.

  5. It's as if they WANT everything to go up!

    Then dominate through the fear of debt, Bunni. It surely must be deliberate. Nobody could be so incompetent, surely?