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Thursday, 22 March 2012

A Bloody Government.

A Bloody Budget.

Fighting to keep their streets safe?

On a day when The Boy Dave's bestest pal churned out his quite unnecessary  budget speech, summed up as no jam today or tomorrow, another soldier was blown to smithereens in the historic wasteland that is Afghanistan.

In this theatrical ping pong tournament that goes for modern, pathetic politics, nothing of reality seems to penetrate. He blithely states this failed, demonic repetition of history, that is the gross enterprise in Afghanistan, is to cost £2.4billion less this year. Note the diminishing of this atrocity to mere cash. Never mind the maimed for life wounded, the lost forever physical presence of dads and sons, wives and daughters.

Now I lean marginally toward a Conservative administration as the one to do the least impactful damage than the other two political dreamers, now a few degrees further left than Cameron's own brand of cuddly socialism. Evidence of this is legion. Snotty Nose Picker's gold sell off for one, plus his wholesale destruction of the private pension industry. The education system staffed with teachers barely able to dress themselves, mass immigration to swell a core, cannon fodder vote. Decline is less rapid than under socialism, albeit still decline.

The consequences of the post war butchery of our National corpse by Labour has been phenomenal. Nevertheless there is no sign whatsoever, nothing, zilch indication, not one issue or area of our lives Conservative Governments have redressed the balances.

In all of this the Civil Servant hierarchies flourish like never before. Weak and inadequate, unsuitable politicians toe the line dictated, via the mandarins, from Brussels. That is a bureaucratic heaven here on earth for these ill titled civil servants. A career path to secretive wealth and power which can only be a desired fantasy to an electorally vulnerable, wannabe, in charge, Parliamentarian.

So the pathetic merry-go-round continues. The media witter on about pension changes which fundamentally mean squat diddly. Most of those on the £10500 personal allowance probably are so dim as to know that they were or could be a few quid better off.  After all, if today your income is less than £23k, in your dotage, you screwed up somewhere down the line. Probably too many visits to the pub and trips to Benidorm, instead of a bit of judicious squirrelling away. A failing embraced completely by those born  in the sixties.

I do appreciate and have personally suffered mightily from Government interference and draconian greed. I continue to be angered by the ever growing might and numbers born to this expanding monolith. Not least that grotesque edifice that is the dismal EU. One of their most horrific lexicon nouns, "enlargement".

Despite that lifetimes experience, I still consider personal responsibility the key to human achievement and National security. If we consider those countries with the best and most balanced social ambience, Norway would be hard to beat. If we look for united courage against the propaganda of corporate, political, gangster influence and control, we can site the Icelandic preparedness to make a stand.

There was a time when we might have been as successful. Unfortunately that was when we had something they still have. A small, independently minded, personally motivated, uncrowded country. What was possible to achieve with circa 40 million souls and a small government machine has been swept away by a tsunami of economic immigrant stress on the infrastructure.

That worked, then, didn't it? A population so huge as to require an identical growth of government and state control in order to cope with the ever creaking fabric of a demand incapable of being met. Whether this was deliberate in the middle part of the last century, I don't know. That it was used for electoral advantage recently is well  documented.

So it is with sadness and despair I say the budget is meaningless. Same old, same old grasping, monolithic state requirement to fleece us all, young or old, sane or crazy. The cunning machinations to pay creditors, many of them organised crime based mortgage holders, carry on behind closed doors. Outside of that talking shop that is Westminster reality continues to diminish the spirit and soul of a nation buried in subjugation by the global machine.

We are a country of war mongers and failed campaigns, even Libya, let alone Iraq. We are poised to exacerbate our failings in Iran and follow the lead set by The USA arms dealers and their passion to find a market for their weapons. Weapons these days as likely to be turned on their own people as ever those purchased by dictators elsewhere. So what's the point of that budget speech yesterday? A diversionary manoeuvre lasting barely a few days, if they're lucky. Whch deservedly they're not.

I'm off to garden! The only pursuit left that retains some sense of sanity and communion with a greater force than government, Nature.


  1. The government is now meaningless as well as the budget.

  2. Time for people power, methinks, Demetrius!

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