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Saturday, 31 March 2012

BBC World Service.

Oldrightie's Invitation.

I  was both flattered and amazed to receive an email yesterday afternoon from a BBC source at their World Service. I rang the number accordingly and was politely received and sort of interviewed as to my political leanings and take on The French Dwarfs sudden activity and arrests throughout the cities of France. These activities reported worldwide.
I was primed to set up Skype and await a call between the hours of 1805 and 1900. This I did and tuned in to the debate in order to be able to take part as invited and requested. Naturally my input was not required.

Star of the "show" was Mohammed, based firmly in The Studio and about as pompous, aggressive and know all as it's possible to be. His favourite stance appeared to be the all reaching power and might of "The State". Arrogance personified. He was placed up against an Asian girl, Chlo, I believe her name to be, purported to be in Nigeria, with the odd and rare addition of a white Anglo-Saxon, disdained but accepted, contribution.

When such voices were allowed you could feel, almost see the wrinkled noses across the desk in London. The cosy hero worship of Mohammed Orwell as he was barely able to contain his discomfort at having to suffer the ignominy of debate with a female!

It was just a World Service version of "Question Time". Hand picked contributors, with the bias heavily in the direction of the Asian and Muslim mantra. The whole exercise was really a propaganda cause to minimise the European backlash growing ever more prevalent and sadly unpleasant.

For me the issue in France is throughout Europe, the same. Mass migration and unsustainable cultural differences, created from the overwhelming numbers settling and invited. These mass loads on the infrastructures of the host societies not only disadvantage the endemic, long suffering citizens but also the huge numbers of immigrants. This one far too luxurious!

We see all around us the decay, disease and newly established slum ghettoes getting to be worse than those prevailing from the origins of this forced, overly optimistic, economic, Nomadic movement. The fear of a TB contagion at the Olympics is but one example of the foolishness.

So when someone is easily radicalised in the furtherance of Islamic Empirical goals, the motives are quashed from sight and the propaganda of reasonableness pursued by those with their own smug agendas. Sadly the BBC is by far the biggest apologist for Islamic atrocity. The real ugly fact is that we are forced to fund it by Mohammed Orwell's beloved State! Want your voice heard loud and clear, convert seems to be the only option.

Me? I'll stick to squeaking hoarsely and quietly on here. God bless you all, even Mohammed Orwell!


  1. OR, I have nurtured a forlorn hope in my heart that the present Conservative government were really playing a game of brinkmanship.

    I had hoped that the forced austerity, though needed, was a device to encourage the interloping hordes to up sticks and move on.

    Until we stop the handouts it would seem that those hopes will go unfulfilled.

    This chaos will go on until we have the bloody civil disorder so desired by the traitors in this country - what a mess.

  2. BJ, there are those who consider TPTB seek such disorder to justify draconian measures and crack downs. Already Google have censored "blogger" quite hard. I'm not so sure they are that bright but there again.............

  3. BJ: brinkmanship requires skill, humour, wit and intelligence; can you think of any member of the government (of ANY colour) who displays any one of those traits, let alone any combination of them.