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Friday, 30 March 2012

Asian Political Standards.

Bradford, Bizarre or Bazaar?

My first reaction to the news this morning was one of great satisfaction. My loathing for this crazed madman did nothing to quell my glee at Labour's trouncing and the thought that if this can happen here why not throughout the UK. Is this the point when we see the three main parties crumble under the weight of common sense. It was very early and I was still tired so I took Mrs OR a cuppa and drifted back to sleep, a wry smile came with me.

An hour or so later I popped on the TV news again. There was George being carried through down town Karachi, late at night, on the shoulders of the victorious tribal leaders. The excitement obviously palpable at the overthrow of some local tribal enemy. Archive footage of George's Iraq sojourns or Iranian adventures, him feted as the turncoat of the Western Infidel.

To a certain extent this was true.  Only the location was different, as was the time. This was last night in Bradford. My earlier mild pleasure gave way to darker thoughts and forebodings. Here is a man able and prepared to garner the animosity of the Muslim populations and Asian/Middle Eastern approach to democracy, to attack the very heart of this Nation. 

The cunning and devious manner in which those politics operate, coupled with the excitable fervour engendered, can sometimes lead to overconfidence and bravado. I suggest this based on not only the history of the countries of origin but the more modern aspects of these practices in the UK inner cities. Imported practices from this and this, highlight present issues endemic in the very hearts of their political establishments. Often this culture boils over into terrible violence. Witness the complicit murder of Benazir Bhutto, wife, mother and patriot. All of the latter not able to spare the wrath of the incumbents.

There is also this. A trawl of those placing such bets would be interesting. If true, the stakes would have been circa £3000 per bet! As for George claiming his "Celebrity" Big Brother" performances won the hearts and minds of these voters from a TV embarrassing joke of  SIX years ago, please. That is ludicrous and also suspicious. His degrading behaviour in this clip would be seen as offensive in the extreme to those Bradford Elders. Note the total absence of any women in these victory celebrations. Albeit I, too found this clip uncomfortable.

So finally the last little glow of pleasure also faded. Such an upset and defeat, by one of our own corrupt and dishonest, home grown  vagabonds,  such as beset the Western Nations, was quite possibly just more overt than other brands of subtle propaganda and secret deals, to dupe the electorate. Furthermore, whatever the blueprint of this victory, if not discovered, it will be trotted out throughout the rest of The UK inner cities. We will get that new, non traditionally aligned, "regime change" but not the one we would have wished for.

That on the way to an Islamic State, allied to those spreading throughout the EU federal design, the individuals used to add endemic credibility, such as GG, will be the front men to mask the Mosque Elders influence and ambitions. If the methods used to gain these advantages and victories are, as I fear, would you or I want to be part of such activity? 

Would we face that age old dilemma, not a problem for many male dominated societies, of the ends justifying the means? Or would the deep seated misogyny, homophobic, endemic and systemic rules, negate the question? Moral dilemma indeed. 

Boris ought to be very scared of Galloway teaching Ken the way to go. Or maybe he already has! Just imagine, George Galloway, not Osborne, in Number 10 with Ken at City Hall, both relishing Obummer's next State visit and banquet, in the Buckingham Revolutionary Mosque dining hall.


  1. It's very clear what that bastard, Livingsone, is up to now, OR - he doesn't care about losing the Jewish vote in the mayoral election as the Muzzies outnumber them 4 to 1.

  2. He's an idiot, BS, the former have the dosh!