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Monday, 12 March 2012

Afghanistan Turmoil.

The Endless Futility.

Unexplained  killings in any conflict happen continually. Rape, murder and cruelty are the unwelcome companions of the debasement that is war. Naturally those who create these theatres of blood and carnage are not those prepared to accept the awesome truth of their own failings and weaknesses.

I would go further and suggest that the political, secret ways, of waging war are ever more nasty and unknown, than we can ever imagine. The most obvious unpleasantness is the "Maxim gun syndrome" wherebye the shadowy corporate arms dealers collude with corrupt Governments to sell weaponry to all comers. Not only that but in the same vein, deals are struck with the Taliban to ensure the completion of large construction projects, get paid and then stand back as they are destroyed! Agents operate freely, passing, in turn, their own protection payments to Karzai and enjoying high status profiles in their plush, Kabul, office suites.

That's some of the money side. As we turn other stones littering this dreadful and economic disaster the fetid creatures lurking underneath, get ever more gut wrenchingly dreadful. The CIA profiteering drug operations being one such example. Nevertheless the political connivance and dirty hands become constantly more abstract as we go deeper into the connivance of the secret services to do their masters' wants.

Now we move into the "black ops" arena. No floodlights, of course. Here we discern the completely useless machinations, post 9/11, by our incompetent yet ambitious, delusional, erstwhile leaders. They become increasingly desperate when their blundering attempts to negotiate with The Taliban fail totally.

In order to get out of the mire of their own making, The Western, NATO and EU idiots all gather in clandestine meetings, chewing the somewhat rancid cud they are forced to ingest when faced with their utter debacle. The Russians will know full well that particular flavour of abject humiliation. Now all that they will deem necessary, in this closing campaign of deranged and banal wickedness, is to look grand and victorious. Remember the Iraq withdrawal, hailed as a great victory. Sure, just like Vietnam!

 Their tails splintered into an upright posture, like the ears of a doctored Doberman puppy, these cretinous pillocks will be conspiring to find, just like The EU's inability to call their economic collapse the self-inflicted nightmare it is, any excuse to justify their defeat and withdrawal.

Notwithstanding the puerile "keeping our streets safe" rubbish, the Afghan Army and police forces superb, disciplined, loyal and absolute readiness to flee to or from The Taliban, at the West's ragged departure, the idiots still strut their stuff. Obama now sucking the distasteful lollipop of an earlier withdrawal than planned, for his electoral spin machine to crank up as a great move. Dave Flashman already poised to milk any departure, regardless of the deaths and the maimed, limbless debris, created in ten years of vainglorious, bankrupting, wholly unnecessary, destruction. A notification said at the time to be a perfect, metaphorical, nuclear weapon for the Taliban. I refuse to call them the enemy.

So did this US soldier stroll out of his base armed to the teeth, carrying chemicals to burn bodies and with a wild, maniacal intent unnoticed by a soul? Or was this and the Koran burning linked to a Machiavellian, bloody, covert operation, to provide the ammunition of excuses for the evil cleverness of those happy to perpetrate such madness?

Even if you dismiss this as wild speculation, one thing's for certain. In the drive towards a one world order, the most horrific capability of the satanic political mind is capable of anything. We, as silent witnesses, voting constantly for more of the same, are every bit as complicit in the creation of that wistful, tragic expression in the image above. Look into that face and ask, "What have we done?". 

Only one crumb of satisfaction will be left people like myself. We told you so, we begged you to not repeat history.We warned you you would lose in Afghanistan. You were too pompous, arrogant and self absorbed to listen. Your bubble may be an unpleasant, putrid gas filled and exclusive habitat but you feel happier in there than in the real world. Outside it is we little people, we mushroom masses who have to carry the burden of your excesses as you pump them out of your bubble, all over our existence.



  1. The civil war will be here in the UK soon.

    String the bastaaaaards up.

  2. It's like Vietnam all over again.

  3. It is, Michael and even messier.

  4. One wonders if these politicians really have faith as they so often claim to have to woo the electorate.

    I only ask because I want to ask them what they will say when they meet their maker, bearing in mind that there is no lie, no untruth that will not be seen through. No arguments of convenience will be entertained and there will be no clever words or duplicitous thoughts and actions which they can hide.

    In other words what will they do when there is nothing, nothing at all that they can say or do that will hide the vomit inducing shenanigans they have lived their lives by

  5. RB, I hope they burn in hell!