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Thursday, 2 February 2012

You and I Are Let Down Daily......

By The System We Have Paid For.

OR is, by definition, not a youngster. As we age our anxieties with regard to illness and potential fatal diagnoses increases and our vulnerability to sickness is greater. However the demands on our NHS services have increased way beyond their capability to manage.

The rise of super bug infections, rapid turnover of hospital beds and the subsequent inability to maintain high standards of cleanliness gets ever more impossible. Sure, the staff and medical professionals are superb but they cannot be expected to cope with the tsunami of bodies washing onto our shores.

All of the considerations bubble over the cauldron of being a political ingredient, constantly stirred by politicians able to avoid the consequences of their incompetence, via privilege and wealth. So any desire to improve the lot of the majority is quickly buried in the club membership that an MP's title bestows.

The waiting room picture above is not as far removed from inner city doctors' surgeries today. Here in the sticks is better since, so far, the immediate demand is less than more overcrowded places. Nevertheless we are not immune to National pressures and central diktat. This nowhere more obvious than the dismissal of viral infections as of no significance.

Here I'm getting personal. As I enter the tenth day of sore throat, hacking, dry, painful coughing and debilitating malaise I am beginning to wonder how older, more frail and weak cope with such an infection. I can remember similar bouts from years gone by and do realise that I am less able to fight this bug than I was. I did reluctantly allow Mrs OR to haul me off to the Docs last Monday but as expected, a polite and charming shrug. A peremptory tap of the torso and a brief look over was fine. I felt briefly better just for having gone.

Still, now three nights of discomfort and ever declining mental and physical energy post the doc visit,  I'm, literally, hacked off. I'm very lucky to have a super nurse in Mrs OR but for anyone alone this must be a terrible thing to endure. In our modern age it seems viral infections are beyond the wit of our medical researches to cope with. I wonder what treatment is given those picking up viral illnesses in hospitals? Are they just told to sit it out. Wait for it to work through? Is a pat on the arm, it's just a virus, the procedure? What about people recovering from serious operations? Imagine coughing and heaving around a nasty wound.

So, here's a question. Why is there little medical treatment or drug therapy available for countering viral infections? Or, if there are medicines available, why are we denied a relieving cure? AstraZeneca are moaning they have few research programmes running to offer future earnings and having to lay off staff. Seems to me they're missing a trick. A cough medicine that works, a throat lozenge that  relieves, not cons and scams that rob millions from us all with false promises of desperately sought relief.

Better still, some kind of holistic, systemic treatment that can wash a virus from the body. After all it is 2012. I suppose there are more significant priorities but right now I feel very sorry for myself and for anybody suffering what some would dismiss as "man flu" but for those enduring it, is a very miserable time.


  1. Sorry to hear that you're feeling poorly OR.
    The only thing that has ever worked for me is 'nightnurse'. The green liquid in a bottle.
    At the first hint of cold symptoms I get to bed early after a cup of nightnurse.
    Guaranteed a good nights sleep as well as it also contains a sleep sedative.
    I once tried driving after trying some at a friends house. Impossible as the drowsiness kicks in quickly and you have to fight to stay awake.
    Best to avoid any medical facilities as you are likely to pick up infections when your immune system is already fighting the cold bug.

  2. Most kind, Winston, I'll certainly give NN a try.

  3. Amoxil! It's a broad spectrum antibiotic that will sort you out in in two days, maybe three. The docs here won't prescribe it, and you can't buy it over the counter.
    I buy it in the pharmacy when I go abroad and keep a large stock at home for my own use.(Haven't yet found an online supplier, tho....)

  4. Don't know why you think they won't prescribe Amoxil, I have had it on many occasions, it is the first antibiotic you usually get. Also I agree about the Night Nurse, if you catch it quickly enough it seems to stop anything developing.

  5. I know Docs won't prescibe Amoxil, 'cos I've asked for it and they refused me. Hence my buying it abroad. Exercise and lots of fluids they said. Yeah right...bastards!

  6. Maybe your Dr. won't but I have never had any problem, had it from my dentist too when I had a gum infection. I suggest you get another GP.

  7. Dear NG and respondents, very valuable informaton which I will chase up. My best morning today for some two weeks! Mind you, hoon of Hune's charges quite a lift!

  8. You know that Amoxil wont kill a virus?
    For cough relief Linctus Codein used to work well.
    It tastes awful but takes the edge of most coughs. ( Doesn't cure anything of course).

  9. Thank you Anon. Good day yesterday but dreadful night and back to square one today.

  10. Hi OR, I'm sad to hear about the "bug" that is making you sick. You are indeed lucky to have Mrs. OR help nurse you. It's very worrying about getting sick, and having no help, no insurance, and all these new germs going around.

    More germs now, thanks to all the unwashed immigrants from Lord knows where. They let any filthy trash into our countries, and they are bringing "super bugs" and diseases, like TB and such, that years back were irradicated.

    It's awful to think what is to become of people in those predicaments. You just never knowv when you will be stricken, and I thank God everyday for relatively good health.
    I hope you feel better soon, and you can get some of the medicine suggestions above.

  11. Hi, Bunni, much obliged as John Wayne would say! As for the mass movements of people it really does spread disease and it must only be time before a pandemic does for millions.