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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Where Now?

Pygmies And Politics.

Little old me  and crash-2 are separated in observation by almost two years. However much of the sentiment not only remains the same but both point to the only way forward that can work. In my blog from 2010, Snotty's solution to the economic collapse was pathetic and time has proven that to be the case. All he offered was a punt of the can down the road. The pygmies, in thrall to their billionaire banking pals embraced it wholeheartedly.

The initial impact of this "global" solution was to screw the little people even more but hide the corruption and theft for a little longer. Why delay? So that the oligarchs, the drug barons and the political careerists, hand in glove with the globalised Mafia edifice, could hopefully park much of their ill gotten gains. It was also hoped that the political establishment, including China and Russia, could also survive.

However one factor was missing. Growth. Without significant trade and wealth creating economic activity, even the billions hoarded by the thieves lose their purchasing power. So we are where we are today.A virtual utter global stagnation. The continual debt swapping merry go round, so beloved of the crooks the likes of Goldman Sachs, KPMG and so on have reached an impasse.

None of them trust each other because they all know how we got into this mess. Their corrupt greed and pass the parcel of unsustainable fraud, antics. All happily embraced by political numpties happy to be flattered and courted into power. To keep this ponzi scheme going you need massive, complicated disguises. Here globalisation comes into its own. So massive, so widespread as to be unassailable, where blame is needed to de- construct and solve such complete failure.

Wars are needed to fuel arms dealing and manufacture. Income is required to pay the loans taken out with the drug lords and their bag men. All the time food production and energy, water and shelter are all neglected because, globally, they are so massive and difficult to share out equally.

So there you have it. A dissitation heavily underwritten by The Keiser Report this morning. Countries, Greece very much one of them, can only survive as an entity and a Nation. The same applies to the other PIGS shackled to an EU master even more clueless and corrupt than National Governments but not so dependent on electoral scrutiny. A further major handicap to common sense and localisation of problems.

John Ward, aka The Slog, is a superior writer to myself and he is one of an ever growing band of realists, Keiser another, who see that the globalisation of corruption, corporate marriage to politics and their dismal outcomes are the cancers that have infected the planet. Its not that they have to go, they will. Unfortunately they will take many lives with them before localisation takes hold. That it will and must, is inevitable. Only when and how long it will take remains to be answered.


  1. A terrific and modest post, OR. Deserving of a legion of comments, yet I'm the only one. Weird.

  2. Sometimes it just gets you down whats happening in our world and only a few people care. Who could have thought after WW11 that our country would be just given away by crooked political. Greece at least they are on the streets but take Ireland they have accepted slavery with open arms.

  3. Captain Peacock, we still have some hope that Greece will lead the way to a better future without the EU. That monolithic, blood sucking, unproductive bureaucracy is the major cause of the World's anaemia. That coupled with the banks and their lawyer lobbyists and compliant politicians will blow.