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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Time To Take Stock.

Just As Ishmael Has Done.

Visit a Portillo utter failure of  intelligence.  Pontification  at it's most glaring. A superb example of the kind of inadequate, deluded rubbish we have to endure, began Ishmael's lengthy and excellent post.

I'd like to offer my take on his tirade. A competition to determine the most inadequate of our political class since the early sixties would take a huge effort. So I've used this windbag hypocrite as a template for starters. Here is a man used by the EU  Mafia not to root out EU corruption but find and sack those trying to blow the whistle. Kinnock, a man rich beyond imagination and like Bliar, supporting charities world wide with a generosity funded by massive tax relief on his unearned, undeserved, ill gotten wealth.

Even his pathetic wife, a less than able nursery school teacher, was stuffed into the gravy train first class carriages of The EU Strasbourg Express, by snot gobbler Brown. Only just as quickly to disappear from the scene clutching a pouch of Judas coins. Remember this blatant hypocrisy?  

Dopy Dwarf Bercow scolded his chum, Cameron on the use of hypocrisy in the "House". What a shame they don't censure it's overwhelming activity as well. Right Honourabe be changed to "My right hypocritical fellow MP".

Both halves of this flawed marital, chip on the shoulders, champagne socialist socialites, encapsulate the paucity of decency and competence that dogs not only UK politics but the West's and The EU's gaggle of inadequates. The Kinnocks progeny now catapulted into the top of Danish politics via marriage. Yet this crowd whinge about the Assad and Qaddafi dynasties, whilst building their own edifices to Mammon.

So to the present. Am I alone in gagging at the plaudits for Huhne. Like so many of this upper echelon club, whatever their failings, they are somehow immune from more down to earth day to day disgrace elsewhere in the real world. Thieves, murderers and thugs get the vilification and angry shunning they deserve. Not this lot. To listen to the unbelievable words of adulation for hoon Huhne's character and political brilliance really did make me nauseous. 

Alongside this cretinous adulation of a wife deserter and profligate, wasteful wastrel of our taxes on bloody useless, contaminating, bird slaying wind farms, is the drip, drip of subliminal positioning for Laws to return to the fold. The fold that embraces academic capability, regardless of less than  wholesome character. An embrace that never looks beyond the rote learnt qualifications to seek any semblances of  honesty and decency. Woeful.

If we now look at the EU we can immediately recognise a structure so attuned to our own political wasteland of barren democracy, it is little wonder so many of our own wretched, self-obsessed evil crowd pay homage to that institution. In the main and for sure behind closed doors, our Civil Service colludes with the political classes to chase, what is for they, this holy grail of absolute power.  

Hague wrings his hands over Syria whilst still struggling to clean the blood of civilian deaths from our puny efforts in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. Just no idea that their pathetic mantra, "our bombs good, theirs bad", philosophy, doesn't quite pass the test of honesty. 

The EUNATO forces are given the same gloss of perfection that their political masters endow on each other. The presence of a man like Martin Schultz presiding over the joke Parliament that is the EU's is yet another example of the grip the "Gaulietiers" are gaining. The German MEP who objected to that description almost certainly motivated by a quiet request from Schultz in his less than partial attack on Farage.

In all of this decline and despair. In all the terrible hardships piled on the masses, one really terrible factor stands out. The virtual wholesale surrender of the media. Little, if any real critical power. Delingpole a rare exception. Wind turbine uselessness is being forced  , by the sheer will of the people, into Westminster.The whole climate change agenda is being questioned with proper science and healthy scepticism. Yet any really substantial questioning just doesn't get done. 

As people all over Europe are dying from the extreme cold, the whispered reality of failure by the political classes remains just that. How desperately we need a "Boys Own" publication to scream with horror at the wrinkled, spear tailed nakedness of our political classes. We wish and hope with some sad sense of despair. Our only hope for change seemingly beyond us. 


  1. Very well put OR.
    Maybe that's why they are worried about 'extremism' via the internet. Because people are beginning to wake up at what is going on, and aren't too happy about it. The ptb are looking for a way to censor it and carry on the status quo.
    Bring on the revolution.
    (oops,will that get me on the list)

  2. Many thanks ArtCo. Don't worry about the list. There's millions on it!